What Content Should You Be Marketing On Social Media?

What are you sharing on social media when it comes to marketing your business? If you are sharing everything, then you may be sharing too much. You want to attract people to your business, to your website, and to your blog, but you want to leave things for them to find at those destinations as well.

If you share every single blog post or website update to social media, people will have no reason to even consider visiting your blog or website. So, what should you be sharing if you want to be a marketing genius when it comes to social media.

The News

Share your company’s latest news, the latest news of your employees, and even the latest news that has anything to do with your company or the type of business that you are in. People like to get the news from their social media, so sharing news type information on your Facebook feed or even on Twitter can really get people interested in learning more about your business.

News pieces can often be picked up and shared more than other types of shared info. These types of posts could have a good chance of going viral.

Your Bigger Stories

Even non news items can really get people’s interest. Share info on new employees that the company has taken on. Those individuals, and their friends and family, will be thrilled to share this information across social media platforms, putting their name out there as a valuable employee.

Other big stories that are important to share are things like new products and services, changes in location, and even celebrating new locations and expansions.

Infographics And Photos

Infographics are a must for content marketing. They allow you to give a good visual to your customers, and future customers. Instead of words and pictures being separate, they put them together. It’s a great way to share statistics and bullet points, making for a more interesting read, and they are very shareable.

Photos are also important, and shareable. Having good photos on blog posts, and taking photos in general, offer you up space on other social media sites that can do your business good, like Pinterest and Instagram.

Videos And Tutorials

Videos and tutorials are also great attractors, to both your blog and your social media. Sharing these things on your social media will really attract new readers, and will lead to plenty of shares.

People love viewing videos, whether they are reviews or tutorials. This is an important part of your marketing plan, so use it to your best advantage. Share your videos on social media, and give your viewers the videos they want to see.



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