Tips For Content Marketing In Competitive Web Topics

When it comes to the online world, it may seem like you have an infinite number of topics to talk about. And you want to pick the juiciest, most popular ones to start making money off of. The trouble with that is that there are potentially going to be several million other people who will all be trying to do the same thing.

So that leaves you with trying to figure out how to market accordingly, in order to get your piece of the content and advertising pie. A few ways to do this successfully can include answering questions in a blog section of your site, digging deep into details, using multimedia potential to gain attention, going as small and niche as possible within your content structure, and then aiming for value over fluff pieces.

Answer Questions In Your Blog

People aren’t going to go to your website just to read about the product or service that you’re presenting. They also want questions answered. And that’s a great way to develop some trust and traffic right there. If you’re running an addiction recovery website, have an article about what a drug is in the first place. When people search for answers to that question, then they can find your other information by proxy.

Dig Deep Into Details

More details work directly to your advantage in terms of competitive blogging and internet marketing. By using more detailed keywords that reference your topic specifically, not only are you indicating to people reading that you have more knowledge and expertise about the topic, you’re also communicating that same thing to Google’s web crawlers. This is the essence of modern SEO!

Use Multimedia Potential

Part of a good marketing ploy is to grab people’s attention and then keep it. And one way to do that is to use multimedia potential to the full extent available. Every post should have hyperlinks, audio, video, and images. That way there’s something for every type of person browsing for information, giving you a full spectrum of attention-getting power.

Go Small and Niche

If you’re trying to take on a broad topic, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get noticed. However, if you pick a small subset of a topic and focus on it intently, you may find a captive audience goes directly to your website. This is the start of a successful branding project – consistency of an interested audience.

Shoot For Value Over Fluff

People are going to sniff out fluff when it comes to content, and they’ll start to write off your site as being non-informative, and then just not come back. So even if it’s a little more difficult at first, try to write as densely as possible about your topic, while also following the advice given above.

Hanna Kreuk