Tips For Making A Living As A Blogger

Having a creative career of any kind isn’t always easy. There is a reason that people call those with creative jobs “starving artists.” While you can make a living as a landscape painter or an article writer, it usually takes some time to get to that point. You have many trials and errors you’ll need to go through, and probably a lot or Ramen noodles.


As a blogger, there are ways to make money, it just depends on how much money and effort you want to put into your blog, as well as who you plan to write for. You may find yourself needing alternate work or even applying for a payday loan to get by in the beginning, but once your blog is monetized, you might get lucky and have a good income to live off.


You don’t even have to have your own blog to make a living as a blogger. As a freelancer, you can get paid to write for other blogs – as a steady writer or just someone who writes guest posts.


Use Ads


Most people who write on their own blogs, that they started from scratch, will use things like AdSense as their way to make money off their blog. Pay per clicks ads can bring in money, but unless your blog is bringing in thousands of unique visitors a month who are all clicking the click bait, you probably won’t make enough to live off.


You could sell traditional ads on your blog as well. You might simply have a company or advertiser submit a design, or if you are design savvy you may do it for them. It’s kind of like ad space in a newspaper or magazine.


Do Reviews


Some businesses will pay reviewers to write reviews of their products. At the least, you can often get free products to review that you get to keep. With the rules of the internet, and to always be transparent, you want to make sure you are honest that you were compensated for an unbiased review of said product.


Write Guest Posts


Even if you do have your own blog, whether it’s making you money or not, you should consider looking into other blogs that pay writers to do guest posts for them. They are out there. You will run into some that will want you to pay them to post your stuff in your search, but simply keep looking.


Become A Freelancer
If you don’t have your own blog, but you love to write, you may want to do some researching on blogging positions. You may find a gig that gives you steady work and allows you to write for many blogs on many topics. It’s a great way to do what you love, but not have to come up with ideas all on your own all the time, or need to stick with a specific subject matter.



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