Blogging and Content Marketing: Modern Tools At Your Disposal

person using laptop

When it comes to blogging and content marketing, you obviously want to use the most modern tools available at your disposal. Because everyone else is going to be attempting to use these to their benefit, it only makes sense that you want to figure out the latest tips and techniques to add to your success as well.

In particular, four different ways that you can approach the most modern tools include looking at Facebook ads, Twitter threads, Instagram feeds, and automated optimization tools. By taking on any combination of these, you can drastically improve your overall blogging and content marketing projects and increase your conversion rates.

Facebook Ads

Everybody you know probably uses Facebook. So it only makes sense from a popularity perspective that utilizing Facebook ads can make your messaging that much stronger, as long as you use it properly. It’s great that Facebook has such a broad reach. But by the same token, since it’s a widely used, it can also be disregarded easily. That’s why if you do choose to use these Facebook ads for your company, you have to make sure they are creative and noninvasive to avoid any sort of backlash from the typical public.

Twitter Threads

Partly because of the latest political use of the Twitter forum, that platform has become much more popular for increasing your blogging value and content marketing success as well. Using Twitter for business is a hit and miss proposition unless you have a definite plan in mind, and you must follow best practice techniques that can change rapidly. If you start seeing methods that you as a consumer tend to ignore, then you know it’s time to adjust your business output to avoid this kind of disregard as well.

Instagram Feeds

A unique way to do your blogging and content marketing in today’s world of short attention spans and visual ambiguity is to work with Instagram feeds. There are some businesses that have been tremendously successful personalizing their brands and their ideas by using simple pictures and memes that they post on their Instagram accounts on a regular basis. The more that people get creative with these feeds, the more followers and the more success they get in return.

Automated Optimization Tools

And finally, if you want to supercharge your blogging and content marketing value without a whole lot of effort on your part, you can start using automated optimization tools. Typically, these are going to be included in different website framework builders or as plug-ins that you can attach to your code. With a minimal amount of understanding of actual coding or web design, you can have these plug-ins automatically populate your web pages with great search engine optimization code, which leads directly to better success with respect to your overall financial goals.