Content Doesn’t Matter Without Links: Insights For Bloggers


Content marketing is a central tool for bloggers and small businesses; what you write needs to make an impact if you’re going to succeed. Still, it’s not enough to just keep creating more content. To gain attention in a crowded marketplace, bloggers need to promote themselves via social media, employ digital advertisements, and, perhaps most importantly, build backlinks. Strong backlinks are key to building your site’s reputation, and you have to develop them the right way to accrue all the benefits.

Quality Meets Connections

One of the major changes to content marketing in recent years is that you can’t just generate a lot of content. Shorter, but higher quality posts with a lot of information tend to fare better under Google’s current algorithms. And one way to pack more value into a shorter post is by linking content to other website’s content. That’s what backlinks do – but they require you to work in collaboration with other websites.

Earning Backlink Benefits

So how do you get backlinks? You start by creating valuable content. From there, you might guest blog on other sites, submit content, or just hope that other bloggers pick up the best material from your site. A better solution, though, is to work with a professional link building service. These services already have valuable client relationships and will pair your links with the perfect story and website to generate the best connections and boost your reputation and search status. Remember, the majority of search activity takes place on the first page of Google, so your ranking is a top priority.

Combine It With Keywords

Another key element in successful backlink use is the implementation of proper keyword strategies, and this starts with your onsite content. You need to know what the keywords for your niche are and how you rank when people search for them. But beyond that, you also need to connect your keywords with meaningful links. When search engines rank websites, one of the ways they determine whether you’re providing quality information is by looking at where links occur relative to keywords. The relationships need to be clear in order for your site to benefit.

Building Backlinks – The Right Way

More than any other rule, when it comes to backlinks, it’s important that you follow the guidelines and build them the right way; it comes down to black hat versus white hat SEO. While white hat SEO takes an honest approach to improving your website’s ranking, black hat SEO attempts to game the system. With black hat approaches, blogs might keyword stuff, jam links into comment sections, and ultimately end up banned from the rankings. When you try to take the easy way out, you’ll easily be shown the door and eliminated from the rankings.

As you begin to develop backlinks, you’ll steadily see your website’s rankings rise, and that has a magnifying effect. With stronger ranking comes more attention, and more websites integrating your links into their content. Though the initial relationships take work, additional backlinks arise quickly and naturally. But it all starts with content. You have to build the groundwork to attract backlinks.

Are you building content that matters?

Hanna Kreuk