3 Tips to Better Connect With Your Target Audience Through Your Blogs

Whether you’ve been blogging for ten years or ten days, there’s still probably a very long list of things that you know you could improve upon. For many bloggers, one thing that remains on this list for eternity is to connect better with your audience and create a real and mutually beneficial relationship with your readers. While it would be nice if there was just a formula for how to accomplish this, the truth is that building this type of relationship takes just as much work, if not more work, than building any other type of relationship. So to help make this process accelerate a little quicker, here are three things you may want to try to better connect with your audience through your blogging efforts.

Create A Genuine Conversation

Just like with face-to-face conversations, it’s very easy for your readers to tell when you’re not being genuine with them. Hidden motives often don’t appear as hidden as you may like them to be. For example, if you’re writing something just in the hopes to rank higher in search results, your readers will be able to tell. This is why Ryan Kettler, a contributor to ConvinceAndConvert.com, suggests writing as if you were speaking to one of your target audience members specifically. By speaking directly to your ideal target audience — your buyer persona — you can nurture a true and genuine conversation with the masses.

Be Interested In Your Audience

While having something to say and saying it well are vital to having a successful blog, you also have to play into the give and take of communication in order to connect with your audience. Henneke Duistermaat, a contributor to Copyblogger.com, shares that you have to be just as interested as you are interesting to create successful relationships with your readers. This means you look to your readers for insight, inspiration, help and answers to your questions. Making your blog a platform for unconditional communication between yourself and your readers will give you the power you need to reach out to people through their screens. And by being interested in the people who are interested in you, you can build both a large and a loyal base for your work.

Write From the Heart

It’s difficult to connect with your audience if you don’t truly know who they are or understand them. This can be especially challenging for those who blog for business. If you’re trying to sell something to a young generation but don’t understand how to communicate with them, your efforts could very well be in vain. Especially when writing toward a very niche group, BlogHerald.com suggests only using techniques like slang or other terminology if you truly understand what you’re doing. Otherwise, your writing will come off as contrived and fake. But if you write from the heart, being honest and open with your readers, you will have a much better chance of connecting with them.

Connecting well with your audience can be the difference between having a decent blog and having a successful blog. Use the tips mentioned above to improve your attempts at connecting with your target audience.



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