Tips for Being a Proactive Community Blogger

There are a few different ways to approach personal blogging, and one of the more common ones that you will find is the idea of the community blog. The person who writes this type of content is interested in neighborhood events and activities, and has a small circle of regular readers who can depend on him for news regarding specific local events. Creating content that has a national audience can be extremely difficult; creating content for a captive audience can be much easier, and in effect, much more rewarding, because you can actually see the results of your online efforts in real-time in your area.

Blogging About Local Schools

In any area that has lots of parents and kids, school information blogs are going to be very useful and highly regarded. This does not have to be writing of the opinion type. It can be short reviews of events, information about upcoming trips, suggestions about how to help kids with homework, and basic info like that. Much of it might fall into the category of ‘life hacks’, and anything that you write as a blogger that helps people out with education is going to be very well received.

Blogging About Local Homeowners Issues

There are a few different tacks bloggers can take on homeowners’ issues. They can present information about city ordinances regarding upkeep. They can give rental managers tips for preventing any sort of eviction situations. They can talk about efficient landscaping, give reviews of local construction companies, present news about land values going up or down, or give resources about how to help with taxes. The possibilities are endless, so if there is a logical, referenced voice that wants to write about these issues, there are hundreds, and even potentially thousands of people who would be interested in these matters.

Blogging About Local Entertainment

For this, opinions can be much more the rage. If bloggers go to shows, they can give firsthand accounts of their experiences. This will often include photos and videos to back up their storylines, and illuminate the experience from a multimedia angle. People who have had photography and video training in their pasts will often move toward this entertainment-style blog, and they can be extremely popular as long as their writing is focused and give readers the type of information they want, in the format they want it.

Blogging can be extremely rewarding for both writers and readers, and especially at the community level, it may be the only way for certain types of causal information to get across. It might not be possible for just anyone to get an article printed in a newspaper, but the internet now gives anyone the ability to publish at will.



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