What People Really Want to Know: The 3 Hottest Blog Topics

brown wooden framed candle holder on top of books

If you were to ask people what they do in their spare time in the 80’s, you might get answers like listen to music, break dance, watch MTV, or hang out with friends. Move ahead to the present and ask the question again. You’re likely to get some of the same answers, but you’re going to add one. In 2017, one of the top ways to relax was to surf the internet.

There are all kinds of reasons you might check out what the internet has to offer, but one of the most popular things to do is read the millions of blogs. Topics range anywhere from man’s best friend to what colors are best for decorating your new Star Wars themed room. Be that as it may, below are the three most read about topics in the world.


You would be hard-pressed to find someone on the planet that doesn’t have to deal with money in some manner at some point in their life. It’s not what life’s about, but it sure makes things easier.

We fight for raises, encourage our kids to go to college, invest in continuing education in our 50’s and 60’s to help us keep up with the demand of our job, read books, attend conferences, and check out the money blogs.

We want to know everything from how to save for a family vacation to whether or not having money still makes us sexy. So, author after author expounds on the importance of money and how to spend and save it through the convenience of a blog.


As the years have progressed, sex has gone from being taboo to talk about even inside the bonds of marriage to the centerpiece of almost everything in society. We talk about it openly, use it avidly in advertising, and most popular tv shows won’t get the ratings expected without a steamy love scene.

In the home, husbands and wives, and now the LGBT community, as well want to know how to keep things interesting in the bedroom. As the topic has become less censored, more people have explored different avenues within this arena and share through blogs and the masses are reading.

On top of that, many read for protection. Warnings about new STDs, what to do if they have one, and how to spot and avoid them in the future are useful to the sexually active and those considering it.

Personal Demons

Let’s face it. Life is hard. Just as soon as you conquer one problem, another one steps up to take its place. We endure heartbreak, death, bankruptcy, moral dilemmas, and plain old-fashioned confusion about many things.

Some of us are afraid to admit we struggle. Some fear we are the only ones who have ever had that problem and some of us just don’t have the time or money to get professional help with our demons. So, we turn to the blogs that offer help.

You can learn about the symptoms of mental illness, find out what someone else did to cope with the same problem you have or learn for the purpose of understanding others who are struggling. We want to remind you, however, that reading a blog is no substitution for a professional psychologist. If you need help, please seek out the pros.

The blog has given the human race another avenue of freedom. Take advantage of the knowledge of others, but be sure to use wisdom with what you read.

Hanna Kreuk