Why Business Blogs are Still Relevant

These days blogs seem to be getting irrelevant, at least when you compare them to the more popular trend that is social media. With buzzwords being “tweets”, “status updates”, “shares”, “pins” and “likes”, it’s no wonder many businesses are overlooking a (comparatively) old Internet marketing strategy – blogging. This is a mistake though since business blogs still have its place, having a unique set of advantages that even a strong social media presence can’t replicate.

If you’ve been rejecting the idea of business blog for some time, you might want to read the article debunking every excuse you may have for blogging. In the meantime, here are some reasons that might motivate you to blog.

1. In-depth info for your customers – Sure, social media is a great way to get word out about your new products, events, promos, and stance on things, but if you want them to get more in-depth information, the blog is still the way to go. You won’t be limited to a certain number of words or characters and can also add multi-media content with each post, making them more interesting and the information easier to digest.


2. New and fresh information – You might argue that static pages in websites can be the method for delivering in-depth info to your customers. That is true of course. However, blogs are a better platform for information that are time sensitive, especially newsy information. Static pages are more suitable for “evergreen” content, particularly stuff like product pages, FAQs, company thrust, etc., but not so much for giving daily tips, press releases and announcements, and anything that would require pretty frequent updates.


3. A great way to encourage email subscribers – Email marketing works best if it is not indiscriminately sent to people, but only to those who sign up for email updates. However, getting people to opt-in for an email marketing campaign is a bit of a challenge. Having a high quality blog with a subscribe to newsletter button can help encourage customers to give you their email addresses. This will give you another avenue to pump your customers with more content about your business.


4. Encourages loyalty – If you have good content in your business blog, it will encourage loyalty to your business and brand as people return again and again to visit your posts. This will eventually (if not immediately) translate to more sales for your business because it will result in more trust in your brand.
Author Bio: 

Andrew Ewing is a professional blogger that shares tips and advice about franchising topics. He writes for FranchiseExpo.com, a leading franchise directory. 


Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee

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