Wedding on the Horizon? Give the Gift of Blogging!

So you’ve gotten an invitation to your best friend’s wedding, and you’re trying to figure out what the perfect gift would be. The couple doesn’t need any stuff. They already hired a photographer. All of the wedding coordination is already done. So you’re left trying to figure out something timeless, creative, and personalized … Why not do some writing, and put it up on a personal blog! You can combine the best aspects of your personality with something the bride and groom can appreciate forever – memories of their big day.

Start with the Right Blogging Software

The most obvious way to start a blog is with WordPress. Simple to install, highly customizable, and typically free to get started, WordPress blogs are the weapon of choice for thousands of bloggers around the world. Working your way through a quick few tutorials, you can be on your way to a professional looking blogging site in a mere few hours. For those of you who want to tackle something a little more complex, there is always open source Joomla, which adds an entirely different level of organization to the mix once you get started.

Get Your Wedding Blog Framework Set in Your Mind

Are you going to focus on the couple themselves? What about the beautiful banquet hall that they have chosen? Perhaps the family that is present? Get this primary focus in order first, and the rest of your blog concept design and semantic framework should follow naturally. Look for examples of great wedding sites to see what other people around the world are doing, and look into the basics of graphic design and color schemes. There are tons of templates out there to help get you started as well.

Too Big of a Job? Get Some Co-writers

If this is a big event (and what wedding isn’t), it might be fun to share some of the blogging tasks as well. If you are going to focus on writing, perhaps find another friend who can take casual pictures, and another friend to focus on video. After everyone pulls their resources together, you can potentially have a beautiful, multimedia presentation available on your blogging site, and this is something the wedding couple and their family can appreciate for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t take professional editing to put together something truly amazing these days, and especially if you see a different site that has multiple contributors, you can borrow some of the organizational techniques you see them use. If you’d like, you can even have the bride and groom give you some tips about what they would like to see on the site, so that you know that will like the final product.



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