3 Ways to Integrate Visual Aids Into Your Blog

On average, most people do not enjoy reading through giant blocks of text without any integration of pictures or visual aids; especially if the descriptions warrant examples. If you are a member of the blogging world, it is especially crucial that you are able to draw readers into your subject matter with visual cues. Included here are a few of the simple ways to add color and interest, whatever the subject, to make your blog more aesthetically pleasing.


With the rise of amateur photography, it is getting much easier to take high quality photographs with cheaper cameras. The availability of higher pixelated cameras for less dough is on the rise in the market. Many people also have the capacity to take decent photos on their smart phones. Taking snapshots to help your readers identify with your subject matter is crucial to drawing them in. Are you cooking something new that turned out beautiful? Trying to decide what pair of shoes to buy? Excited about your full “rainy day fund” jar? Take a snapshot. It will add color to your blog, break up big blocks of text and give your readers a sneak peek into your daily life.

Fine Art

As always, there is the beautiful addition of fine art. Integrating beautiful professional paintings is a surefire way to draw people into your subject matter. Some bloggers choose to tie every blog in with a piece of art; using the art as the main inspiration, or relatable idea, to their current situation. This can be especially helpful to allow readers to visualize and take their own impression of the painting to heart for themselves. For example, an image of a river can symbolize grief for the blogger, yet a reader may take it as an example of moving on or new beginnings. Images of paintings can be cited from many sources on the internet. Be sure to give the artist credit in your blog; if you are using beautiful images, your readers are likely to be curious and want to see more of that artist!

Charts and Graphs

Now some people can go a little overboard with this visual aid. However, when used in moderation, charts and graphs can go a long way to communicating a point or explaining a topic. For example, if you are trying to explain reasons to budget to your readers, it would be very helpful to show a chart with an image of monthly spending vs. monthly spending with a budget. Taking a screenshot of your Excel budget can be helpful to many readers as well, as you can be giving them concrete ideas of how to better manage their money. If you are in the land of cooking blogs, you can show differences in cooking times based on elevation. As a mommy blogger, you may want to give a breakdown of the amount of money spent on clothes for each child to help others get an idea for the overall cost of children.



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