Blog Monetization: Not So Great as a Quick Money Fix

Stories of ordinary people who’ve successfully made lots of money from their blogs has encouraged many to try blogging to help shore up their finances. This has lead to much disappointment for most, when they realize that blogging is not as profitable as they thought it would be. In fact, according to a survey conducted by well-known blogger Darren Rowse in 2012, 28% of bloggers make less than $10 per month and 25% make between $10 – $99 per month (see figure below). Only a very small number of people make enough money from blogging to quit their jobs or at least make a significant dent on the monthly budget. Furthermore, you should realize that many of ProBlogger readers trying to monetize their blog, but are failing to do so, may not have participated in the survey.

Image Credit: Darren Rowse 


What this means simply means is that while blogging CAN indeed be profitable, it is definitely not something you should rely on for a quick money fix. However, that does not mean that you should completely scrap the blog monetization idea. The only thing is that if you do plan on making money off your blog, you’d better be prepared to do the work needed to make your blog profitable. Blogging is not like online sports betting where you can make money even while you’re asleep. It isn’t passive income!


You need to learn the different ways you can monetize your blog and come up with content that will appeal to a real audience so that you can build up your readership base enough to make your blog profitable. More important, you need to keep at it. It takes a while to gain readership (unless you’re already a celebrity with a loyal following offline), and even longer for serious money to start rolling in. So be realistic about your monetization goals and keep working on your blog until you find yourself making the amount of money you’ve been targeting.


In the meantime, if it’s a quick money fix you need, you’d better start looking at other avenues because your new (or even old but stagnant) blog won’t do a thing for you in the next couple of years, let alone next couple of months. A more realistic tack to take would be to cut back on expenses, find a part-time job or project-based job, or to take out a loan. Any of these three would help tide you over faster than a blog would, but if your financial goals is a long-term thing, then by all means, blog away!



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Amy Fitzgerald is a professional blogger that provides financial advice and tips to consumers. She writes for TitleMax, a title loan company.




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