Content Tips For Your Business Blog

Running a business blog means offering advice specifically for entrepreneurs. It means staying consistent and posting only relevant content to your niche. By consistently posting interesting and useful information with references to the facts, your blog will stand out as much more than mere speculation.

Maintaining a tone of authenticity is important. If you aren’t the world’s most experienced business person, then by all means just say it. Explain why you are credible enough to be dishing out useful information to fellow entrepreneurs in the most honest possible way. Perhaps you haven’t been in the industry for 25+ years, but the immense amount of success you’ve had in a very short period of time gives you 100% credit.

Writer’s block or in a blogger’s case “content block” has gotten the best of you when trying to keep up with your business blog, reach for some of these old faithful subjects to post about that will never disappoint.

Product Suggestions

Not every business person has the time read a full report on all the latest devices, products, and services. This is where the beauty of the blog comes into play. People want to visit your site so you can do the work for them. By suggesting top quality products that improve business productivity, you are setting yourself up to be their trusted source for what’s hot on the market.

Try to find a blog or website to go to for your information so that you can have your own source. Choose the products that you find most relevant, and suggest them to your blog visitors. If your blog starts getting enough attention, products will start coming to you offering you free services if you recommend their products. Opt for honesty rather than making a buck on a product you don’t actually believe in.


Product reviews are a great way to establish your voice as an entrepreneurial expert. If your customers can hear a reasonable and logic critic behind your reviews, then they’ll come to your page every time they need an opinion before making a purchase.

A review that you post can either be text or video. Both are suitable, although a video can be more time consuming.

Advice Directed Towards Male and Females

Don’t limit your blog specifically to one gender. By being directed specifically towards male entrepreneurs, or vice versa, you risk cutting off an entire audience of potential followers.
When first starting out, it is advantageous to appeal to the largest and broadest audience possible, and possibly branching into a specific niche once you’ve established yourself and your strengths.

Expert Perspectives

Inviting an expert in their field to write a guest article is a great way to bring in a new audience. Guest columnists bring in a unique group of people as a support system. Additionally, by outsourcing to experts outside of your field your blog increases in credibility.

Hanna Kreuk