5 Easy Tips For Early Blogging Success

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to start a blog, one of the primary goals is always going to be the same – to get traffic. It doesn’t matter if you want ad revenue, are looking to promote your business, or simply want attention to your ideas – the ultimate bottom line for any blog is always to get people’s eyes and ears on it.

But, if you’re early on in your decision-making process with your blog, you might not really know how to start. And that’s where five easy tips are going to come in handy, including checking out available designs, working the SEO angle, getting as narrow with your content as you can, being as consistent as possible in terms of publishing, and being gentle with your readers in a rather anxiety-causing period of human history (as it is right now).

Check Out the Available Designs

At the core of blogging success is how good of a design you have. And if your interest is mostly in getting content to interested people, then that immediately puts you at a bit of a disadvantage if you’re not a designer or a coder. Good thing that there are some amazing platforms out there these days that are the equivalent of pop-up tents – install the framework, and the blocks are already there for you to work with.

Work the SEO Angle

If you want people to be able to find your site other than through direct links that you post different places, then you’re going to have to do some solid SEO work. The thing about that is that if you already have good content, maintaining good SEO is just going to be a matter of learning how to move around things like headlines, subheads, photo descriptions, and file names.

Get As Narrow As You Can

The more narrow your topic that you blog about, the more attention you’re going to get for your blog. It really is that simple. Because of how search engines work, and how web crawlers work, the more general topics on the web are going to be absorbed by large corporate entities. If you want a slice of pie in the big game, you’re going to have to find as tiny of a niche as possible to work inside of.

Be Consistent

A consistent publishing schedule is always going to be good in terms of traffic generation. It takes very little for a person to choose one blog versus another, but if they know that they can depend on you for a post every Tuesday, that will make a difference in the long run.

Be Gentle With Your Readers

Though you want to keep your reader’s attention, you don’t want to smash their brains into oblivion with either your writing style or your design presentation. The world has enough anxiety as it is – make sure that you ease people into your topic, and then present the more passionate stuff as they dig further into your archives.

Hanna Kreuk