Active Marketing Through Sponsorship

One of the more interesting, personalized, and effective ways to market your business (and your products by association) is to work with the idea of sponsorship. Sponsorship in this case is going to be something like putting the money down to have an event, paying for uniforms for a team that you sponsor, or even creating scholarships by actively promoting the efforts of individuals in a community.

Each of these threads of sponsorship will have several benefits, including that fact that your company name will be recognized as promoting positive things, and there will be a direct benefit to the people that you money moves toward as well.

Sponsoring Art Events

One example of branding done correctly to create a positive memory would be to sponsor an art event. And this would make sense in particular if you’re associated with art, for instance if your company deals with art galleries. The close the association with what you sponsor, the more tightly the details will be connected in the hearts and minds of the people involved. And especially if your sponsored event deals with children, you’ll get even more positive press and feedback from your actions.

Backing Sports Teams

A common way to brand yourself using sponsorships, especially on a small town level, would be to sponsor a local kids’ sports team. Think of the name recognition that local pizza places or hardware stores get when their name is on uniforms and jerseys. That’s that kind of positive presence you want to get, and though part of the advertising is subtle, the fact that your name will be etched in photographs of the team as well as during gameplay, the effects can be both immediate and long-lasting.

Creating Scholarships

Your company can also get lots of good press by sponsoring small scholarships. As an example, if you’re part of a company that sells water filters, you can have a competition where student write an essay about why water conservation is important. Associate your company name with the scholarship, and everyone in the equation wins, with your active marketing being the central player in the equation.

Promoting an Individual Effort

If there’s an individual person in your community who has some sort of remarkable skill, your company can get some free active marketing points if you choose to promote that person. You can either give them money as part of an effort, or even just add promotional material to your normal store output (think weekly company newsletter).

Social Marketing

Social marketing and interaction is another way to create active marketing opportunities, which could also be considered a form of sponsorship. By having public, promotional discussions about different things, people have a chance to interact with your company, learn about it, and decide what positive benefits you represent.



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