Blogging Tips: Giving Advice and Providing information

One of the more successful things that a blog can do is give advice or provide information about a topic. And as a matter of brand trust, if you discuss content that isn’t necessarily directly related to what you’re selling, then people will begin to come to your site for reasons other than just that they want to buy something. And that can give you a lot of advertising power eventually!

So a few blogging tips so far as that realm would go, would be that you could consider giving advice about new hiring practices, or the latest products on the market in certain industries. Or, you could answer questions that people local to you might have. And during these advice blogs, be sure to stick with appropriate language and exercise caution about claiming you’re an expert, and you’re good to go!

New Hiring Practices

If your blog relates at all to professionals, then giving advice about finding good hires might be something that you could write about. You could start with general tips, and then you could do some more in-depth research. Decide how this presentation of yours fits within the framework of your blog, and write out the tips accordingly. This is a classic way to get new, solid traffic with minimal effort on your part.

The Latest Products

Writing about the latest products in an industry can also help your blog traffic numbers. An example of what you might do would be something like this – if you have a cooking blog, then write a post about the latest blenders that have come out. When you write blog reviews like this, people come to trust you, and when you link industries like that, you’ll develop solid link value in Google’s eyes as well,

Local Questions Answered

Another way that providing information can help your blog’s bottom line is if you write about local topics. And that means local topics to you. For instance, if you live in Seattle, write about specifics from your Seattle neighborhood. So no matter what you’re actually selling via your site, you’ll at least get traffic from people looking for local angle questions.

Using Appropriate Language For Your Audience

When you go about giving tips and advice on your blog, you do have to remember the specific audience that you’re targeting, and make sure you use the right word choice. Write as though you’re talking to them in person. How many times have you been turned off by stilted blog writing? That’s right – don’t fall into the trap.

Where To Exercise Caution

One thing to be careful of in the tips and advice arena is that you don’t want to pass yourself off as an expert about something unless you actually are an expert. Trying to fake it online is a sure way to get bad reviews. Collect information from experts and then cite them, rather than claiming you’re the top dog.