Recommended Blogging Apps for iPad

There’s no denying that Apple’s iPad remains to be very popular among kids and adults today. In fact, reports say this tablet is now more popular than Disney and McDonald’s among young children.

A study done in 2014 by Smarty Pants, a youth and family research firm, noted that iPad has overtaken McDonald’s and Disney are the most popular brand among American children aged 6 to 12. This is due to the fact that the Apple tablet is an all-in-one digital tool that lets kids do a lot of things from playing games, watching videos and TV shows, reading books, researching for their homework and communicating with their family and friends.

Another survey done by revealed that 87 percent of iPad owners use it every day. In terms of usage, playing games ranks mong the most popular uses of iPad at 48 percent based on the same study. With its amazing graphics and unique touch interface, indeed the iPad has got what it takes to be the best gaming machine and what’s more, owners who like to be entertained once in a while can simply download a free iPad game app from the internet.

Other than playing games, however, the iPad today is also in blogging. Being light and portable, this Apple tablet has become a popular choice by bloggers and publishers as it allows them to keep up with their writing work even while on the go.

What also makes blogging easier on the iPad these days are the various helpful apps available. Here are some of the best that you should consider using moving forward.


WordPress is considered as the most widely used blogging platform in the tech industry and if you’re using it, it’s a must to install the app as well in your Apple tablet. This way, you can manage your blogs and your blog posts wherever you go.

Through this free WordPress app, you can easily add your blog posts, edit them, upload photos and videos, moderate comments and check your site’s statistics. And when you’re done editing the posts, you can publish it right away on your iPad.


Tumblr has also gained popularity as a blogging site. It allows shorter blog posts but perhaps its best feature is being able to host lots of visual content from photos to videos.

The Tumblr app is free to use and is also capable of sharing content of all types from text and quotes to photos and videos. You can create and edit posts and publish them right away regardless of your location.

Other things you can do on this site are check and reply to messages, repost content and like posts.


Posts is another blogging app that’s free to use. It works with both the WordPress and Blogger platforms allowing users to add, edit and publish posts including images and videos from just about anywhere. It even allows you to manage several blogs.

Posts also has a built-in calendar where you can view content by date and it notifies users when comments are made on their blog posts. It allows bloggers to work offline and save their work in the outbox if they need to attend to something important. They can always go back to their unfinished blogs later and publish them when they’re back online.



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