4 Best Times to Blog

Most (successful) bloggers know when “their” best time to blog is, but remember that there are always exceptions and shifts happening. If you’re forcing yourself to blog during a time when it’s convenient, rather than ideal, that’s going to show in your writing, videos or infographic creation. Instead, you need to find an avenue for writing at your peak times. This is true of any kind of writing, but unfortunately blogs tend to get the short stick.

Blogging isn’t any easier than writing a short story, poem, journal article, or chapter in a novel (at least not when it’s done well). Here are a few of the best times to blog depending on you and the circumstances. Keep this list handy the next time you want to put another task before your blog.

1. When inspiration strikes

This could happen at any time, including when you wake up at 2am to go to the bathroom. If it’s really inconvenient, then at least jot down the general subject and a brief outline. Maybe you’re the blogger for a local attorney and you see a Yahoo! news pieces about a disability claim that would be perfect to cover. If you don’t write down the basics right now, you’ll lose it.

2. First thing in the morning

Numerous studies have shown that the majority of people are clearest and most productive in the morning. In fact, the New Republic just reported that people are at their best within the first two hours of when they’re fully awake. It might not feel like it, but give it a shot. If you can blog upon waking, even if it’s when you’re multi-tasking with a cup of coffee and toast at your laptop’s side, make it happen.

3. When you just finished a workout

Contrary to popular belief, completing a workout revs up your system and gives you an extra jolt of productivity. Plus, Forbes also reports that exercise makes you smarter, and that’s a great boost for bloggers. Regardless of when you workout, consider adding blogging to your post-sweat regimen. Even if you’re dragging your feet before the session, you’ll be enjoying a bolstering of energy afterward that shouldn’t be wasted.

4. On your commute

If you’re like many bloggers, that’s not your main or only job. If you commute on public transportation, take this time to outline a blog or even draft one if possible. The change in scenery on a daily basis can help increase your creativity. Pick up a pair of noise cancelling headphones if being on public transportation is too distracting.

Most importantly, keep blogging no matter what. If it’s a personal blog, it’s easy to neglect. An abandoned blog is much worse than no blog at all, so bear that in mind.



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