Pros and Cons of a Free Website Platform

It used to be that websites can only be created by people with technical background and who have knowledge on coding. Hence, web development then was just delegated to professional developers and designers.

With technology continuously evolving, though, people with no technical knowhow can now create their own websites without having to hire a professional. Many online tools and services are available these days offering a free platform that allows internet-savvy yet non-techie folks to build their own websites just the way they want it.

There’s no harm in building a website in the do-it-yourself route but if you’re doing it for a major project, you may have to weigh carefully the pros and cons. Do consider that a professionally made website cannot be matched by one created using a free platform.  

Here are several reliable and well known website builders that you can choose from. These offer user-friendly features to help you in your pursuit to establish a web presence. Generally, they have visual page editors that lets you edit elements of the website without much difficulty although flexibility may be an issue to some.  

Do take note that website builders normally include hosting and sometimes, registration of your domain name. But normally, these are available for the paid options.


WordPress may be the most powerful content management system (CMS) used by professional web developers but contrary to what some people might think, it also offers a free option if you want to make your own website or blog. In fact, it is used in most websites and not just blogs as what others believe.

Among the major advantages of WordPress are its open source structure, user-friendly interface, simplicity in installing, fast construction, convenience and it’s also SEO-friendly. Being an open source structure lets users to save time and costs associated with developing code and its simplicity allows the fast installation of the system without having to high a top programmer to set it up. Additionally, the existence of numerous plugins allows WordPress users to achieve better SEO results.


Wix is a drag and drop website builder that’s fairly easy to use and has stunning HTML5 templates in the hundreds. It allows you to add and edit your own HTML and integrate social media in your pages. It also has a mobile website builder that lets you easily create a mobile version of your website. Support is readily available even for those using the free version.

Apart from its free version, Wix has six other plans that can be optimized for various uses. Each plan provides more than enough storage and bandwidth and even advertising vouchers.

For its free version, Wix gives you 500 MB of storage, 500 MB bandwidth, various templates and images to choose from and unlimited pages.

The paid plan starts at a minimal $4.08 monthly rate (Connect Domain) although there’s little difference from the free version. The higher plans are the Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP.  


Squarespace offers many website design options. It features a drag and drop site builder that’s very to use.

Unfortunately, this platform does not have any long-term free plan although it offers a free two-week trial period. The cheapest plan is called Personal and costs $8 per month. The others are Professional and Business.


Weebly is most ideal for ecommerce websites. It also has a drag and drop feature and allows users to edit their site wile on the go using the app. What makes it unique compared to its close competitors is the fact that it allows one to use his own domain to create a free website and integrate a blog into his website. Adding a blog to your website means that you can engage on a more personal level with your target audience. Also, using the domain you already own will no longer force you to include the website building tool’s sub domain into the addresses of your website.  

Weebly’s free plan offers free hosting and unlimited pages. It also lets you sell five products and a bonus is the $100 Google ad credit. The paid plans include the Starter which costs $4 month, Pro at $8 per month and Business at $25 per month.


SITE123 is a very convenient website builder that lets one create an online presence most suited to his or her personality or business. This free service provides numerous templates and setting up your site does not need any coding or designing skills.

The platform’s websites are also SEO friendly which means that your site has a great potential of being included at the top of Google’s search results. All templates and websites are mobile friendly and the best part is you don’t have to update them as SITE123 already does that for you from time to time. Hence, once you choose your template, you can already take it easy as your site is being set up online.  


Mozello boasts of having an interactive interface and responsive design making it ideal for businesses. Known as one of the easiest and most efficient tools to use available, setting up a website using the service does not require technical expertise whether in coding or web designing.

Those targeting an international audience will also benefit from Mozello as it can create multilingual websites easily. Simply choose a template and professional design and watch your website being setup right away.

The service supports all platform supports and devices which means you can actually design your website using your own smartphone. Your websites are guaranteed to be appealing with no pop-up ads and promotional offers distracting your readers.

Mozello has various tools available as well. The SEO improvement tools can help improve the visibility of your web pages while the marketing and advertising tools are meant to increase your sales.



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