Tips For What To Blog About

When starting a blog it’s important to have a clear vision of what your target audience and goals are.  If you’d like to build a large audience, then consistency is key.  Posting anywhere from once a day to once a week is acceptable given that you are consistent.

People like to know that they can expect fresh content on a regular basis otherwise, they will stop coming back for more.  Some writers may experience writer’s block and aren’t sure what kind of content they’ll post on a regular basis.

The best way to blog is to be as authentic as possible.  If you write from a place of authenticity, your content will leave your fingers effortlessly.  Before getting started, consider educating yourself on the blogging basics of driving traffic to your site, then dive in.

Consider these ideas for blogging content, and remember to be consistent and your readers will always come back for more!

Current Events

Is your blog a commentary on society? Culture? Even if your blog is an account of personal expression you can still link to current events and comment on how it affects you personally.

Current events are relevant and relatable to anyone and make a great post.  If your goal is to post daily, current events are an easy way to have fresh content every day.


Linking to funny content from memes to YouTube videos is always a crowd pleaser.  Some of the most popular blogs and social media accounts are humor pages dedicated to being an anecdote for the seriousness of life.

Satirical news website The Onion reaches over 8.5 million unique users, and has a reported value of $200 million, being more than The Washington Post which reports actual headlines.  

Sometimes people would simply rather laugh than be faced with reality.  Humorous posts are a great way to bring joy.

Personal Experiences

Many people use their blog as a form of journal writing.  By introducing your readers to the real you, your thoughts, opinions, and an inside look at your life, you can draw a different sort of audience and create a bond with your audience.

This sort of content is easy to be consistent with since every moment of every day you are constantly creating new experiences and outlooks.

Third Party Content

Inviting various writers as guest contributors to your blog is a great way to get consistent content that varies in subjects and opinions.  Each of these contributors brings a new audience with them and can be a great way to grow your blog’s popularity fast.

Alternatively, you could simply link to other blogs, as a content aggregator.  This format works great for a neighborhood blog.



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