How to Use Your Blog to Get Free Products

People often wonder how bloggers get their hands on all of the products they review, and whether or not they’re paid to use and review those products. Some bloggers may very well spend their own money on buying the products, but successful bloggers are able to get products sent to them for free by companies wanting the publicity. If you’re a blogger wanting to know how to get your hands on free products or product samples, here are a few easy steps.


Make it worth their time

No one will give you anything for free if it’s not worth their time. You can make giving you free products worth it by making sure the companies see you’re dedicated, have great content, and have likeminded followers.

Many bloggers use sites to gain followers that are fellow bloggers – and will follow you if you follow them – but these aren’t what the companies will be interested in. Make sure that your followers are readers who are genuinely interested in your niche and are consistent in visiting your blog.


Know your worth

Companies will want to know why they should send you free items, and what the return on investment will be for them. Make sure that you understand what they’re asking, and have the information on hand when you speak with the companies that will give you products to review.

You should be familiar with your click through rate, your number of followers, and how you’ve grown since you started the blog. Also, know your number of pageviews and the time you’re willing to invest in your blog. Without knowing this information, the companies won’t be able to determine if it’s worth it to send you the products for free.


Make sure the products fit your blog

Ensure that the products you’re asking to have sent for review are things that fit into your blog, and fit with your previous blog content. If you’re currently a food blogger and are wanting the latest eye shadow palette sent to you for review, the companies won’t feel that your accumulated audience would be interested in makeup, and will be less likely to send you products.

Establishing a blog that writes about certain products may mean that you pay for some products yourself to gain a following and loyal audience. This tactic may be spendy but it’s a great way to show companies that you’re serious about wanting to review products for your blog and share them with the world.


While it may seem appealing to receive free loot, the work that goes into blogging prior to being sent items to review may make you reconsider. Getting sent products isn’t for the beginning blogger or the blogger who isn’t willing to put in quite a bit of time and effort.



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