Is Your Business Blog Getting The Message Across?

In the past you operated without much of a web presence; yet, with all the competition today, it seems like hanging outside the online arena is starting to take its toll. One way to begin to get your business back in front of a living, breathing audience is to promote your business with your very own online blog site. If starting a blog can help to improve sales, you might even consider looking into other more elaborate cloud-based services down the road. Not trying to get ahead of yourself, you start planning out the look and feel of your blog site. Budgeting for annual hosting costs will not be much of an obstacle, but learning a blogging platform like WordPress will certainly require a few extra hours of study each night. That is to say, before you feel comfortable using it’s features in a fluent manner.

Deviating From The Pack

After looking at a host of other blog sites, you notice that many of these sites look and feel the same. As a business owner and professional marketer, you know the dangers of following the pack and approaching things like everyone else. Average efforts tend to produce average results. You immediately conclude that you need something above average to make your blog site stick out from the rest, but what type of approach will suffice to give your blog a competitive edge? While other business oriented blogs tend to focus on the business they represent, you decide that what your business blog needs is a more extensive series of hooking elements.

Sure, your business is central to what you need to talk about on your blog, but you know that tangential marketing methods are also important to help orient customers to your products and services. In other words, your blog best serves your business goals by being reachable from numerous related online markets. But your traffic needs a reason to stay hooked into your blog, beyond simply reading your blog for quality content.

Beyond The Boring Text

Though text is a great avenue to use on your company blog to reach customers, text alone is only reaching your customer through one of their senses. To make a lasting impression on a potential customer, it is important to dig a little deeper, providing them with what feels like a genuinely engaging experience. According to Active Media, a virtual spokesperson can truly add character and life to your customer’s online experience while visiting your site. Where text describes to your customer what your products and services are all about, this does not always grab the customer the proper way. On the other hand, high quality audio and video presentations by a virtual spokesperson can help to show the viewer what your business is about more directly and effectively. In addition, a virtual spokesperson reaches people with a mode of business communication that feels normal to them, rather than the disconnect often experienced by reading text only. With the right presentation, a virtual spokesperson will make your blog come across as far more exciting than what your customers are used to seeing on other blog sites.



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