Tips For Getting Across The Most Information To Your Blog Readers

How much work are you putting into your blog posts? If you’re just throwing together random information with nothing to back up your statements it’s pretty likely you are quickly going to lose readers, and it’s also likely that people just aren’t going to trust what you have to say after a while. Knowledgeable posts with some research, or at least written by an expert on the subject, will draw more attention.

Make sure that you are getting the big picture across to the people reading your blog, from clients to potential clients. You don’t just want your business blog posts to be about random things that have nothing to do with what your business does, but you also don’t want it to simply be an advertisement for your business either. Don’t just rehash info people can find anywhere else on your blog, instead share with them what they can do with your products and services and how they can better their business or lives with what you offer.

Consider A Bigger Word Count

Some people will tell you that shorter blog posts are better, and if you can get all of the information across you want to in a shorter amount of words go for it. However, you’ll also find some posts that claim that the perfect length for a blog post is about 1,600 words. For some people that may seem like a lot to write and a lot to read, but it allows you space for good research and information.

If you are going to do the longer-form blog posts you really want to make sure they are full of useful information. If you are continually repeating the same info, or just keyword stuff your articles, you’ll not only lose readers but you could also get penalized by Google. Instead, put some thought into your writing, so readers get all of the info they need from your posts.

Include A Call-To-Action

This little finishing touch to relevant blog posts offers you up one more place to get across the information you want to your readers, giving them something that they can use. A call-to-action can simply be a button for people to click at the bottom of your post that leads them to the next step, or it can be the addition of an in-text link, a phone number, or even an email address.

You want your call-to-action to be something that makes sense, so that people understand why they should click on it. Tell them what they should do with that link, such as that it is the place to purchase the product you spoke of in the blog post, or that it is an email to reach out with any follow-up questions the reader may have.




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