How to Blog for Great Deals

Whether you want to make big bucks or just get a little extra cash without being away from home for hours on end, there are ways to make money with just your computer skills. You can use the Internet to create some cash flow.

Blogging can do it for you. Businesses actually use the research and opinions of everyday people to advertise or gain information about how consumers are responding to products or services.

Whether you’re new to the web or Internet savvy, you can find a way to make blogging into a source of income. As long as you can read, type, and are able to do a little research, it’s not very difficult.

Here are a few suggestions for getting paid to blog.

1. Search engines

If you aren’t sure exactly where to start, do a Google search for companies that pay people to blog about their products or services. This may require you to try the products. Some of these companies are willing to send out samples if you’ll commit to write about them.

2. Direct contact

There may be a company whose products you use on a regular basis and you’d like to let the world know about it. Some companies are open to letting someone advertise on a blog for them.

If you look on most product labels or websites, you can find contact information for the firm. Call or email them and request permission to advertise for them on your blog in return for coupons, discounts, or even free products. has a program known as Amazon Associates that allows people to place a link to their site for visitors to shop online. The pay you receive is based on what gets purchased through the link from your blog.

3. Blog requests

You may already have a blog that’s mostly devoted to providing free entertainment and information, but you could turn it into something more lucrative. Try publishing a request for companies to advertise on your page for a small rate.

You can research the cost of advertising online and come up with a competitive rate that might make you a little money, because it saves the company in advertising costs.

4. Contact magazines

A friend of mine created an online blog on which she advertises and writes articles for magazines. She is given a small assignment to write about in order to create interest in a magazine.

She includes the required content along with the name of the magazine, and the company pays her for the article. This helps her build more blog viewers, and in turn helps to sell more magazines.

These are just a few ways that blogging can become more rewarding for your time. If you put in the effort and do the research, you can create a money-making operation, or at least put a little more spending money in your wallet.

The Internet is becoming the most popular source of information for just about everything these days, so take advantage of all the opportunities it can offer you. For examples of how to get coupons, discounts, or money-saving tips online, visit the Savor Blog.

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