7 Good Reasons to Start a Business Blog

Blogging is more than fun. It can also fulfill a variety of purposes. While the reason for a personal blog is to share your experiences about life, the purpose of a business blog is to offer useful information that will benefit customers, partners, and others who read it … and possibly generate more customers for your business.

Here are seven reasons to think about starting a business blog.

1. It’s a way to connect with your customers

A blog can be a powerful and practical way to share information that customers find relevant and useful. Suppose, for example, you are concerned about the prevention of skin cancer. Write a post or two about how to protect your skin in the sun.

2. It’s a way to reach out to leaders in your industry

You can attract the support and input of colleagues and potential joint venture partners. Blogging is a way to build business relations.

3. It can generate more traffic through search engines

You can use your blog to establish authority as an expert in your field. This will win you new business. According to research conducted by Hubspot, a good blog can bring in as much as 60 percent of your business.

4. You’ll make your social media marketing more effective

While it’s useful to run relevant posts about topics of interest to your customers, this works even better if you can led them to a full-blown article on your blog that informs and educates. When you combine blogging with social media, you’ll increase your reach considerably.

5. It gives your company a presence on the Internet

Not only will your posts help your target audience with informative topics, but if they sign up for your email newsletter, then you’ll be able to develop a longer lasting relationship.

6. It makes your company more personable

Your blog can inject personality into your ideas, so you come across as a real person sharing information rather than a corporation trying to make a profit by selling something.

7. It’s a way to interact with customers and get to know them better

In the past, magazines provided one-way communication. Now readers can comment directly to you about your articles.

When ideas are exchanged, a blog becomes much more customer-focused. Additionally, you’ll learn how customers think and what they want from your company.

This is invaluable marketing information for when your company develops new products or offers new services.

There’s nothing quite like it

Unlike other Internet media, blogs can be very dynamic. Articles on a corporate website or videos on a video-sharing website have limited traction compared with blogs.

In fact, there’s nothing quite like a blog when it comes to building your business. Blogs break down the walls between a firm and its customers, and they inspire trust, loyalty, and a growing level of confidence in the company.

In sum, when executed properly, blogging can lead to exponential business growth.

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