How Blogging Has Transformed the Real Estate Industry

There is no questioning the power and reach of the Internet. It’s a platform that provides potentially unlimited exposure for businesses, marketers, and authors.

Companies operating over a wide range of markets are using blogs as a way to distribute content that helps them brand their business and engage their target audience. The world of real estate has certainly taken full advantage of this unprecedented tool.

In fact, many Realtors are benefitting from the use of blogs. You can managed a lot through a blog that’s built a loyal following.

The importance of building a web presence

Make no mistake about it, you live in web-based culture. Purchasing choices, employment decisions, and even dating behavior are evaluated and set on the web. Building a web presence should be a vital part of any company’s marketing and branding strategy.

You begin with establishing a functional website, but it doesn’t end there. According to Real Estate Tomato, the fallout from launching a blog can be observed almost immediately once the protocol is in place.

Given the dynamic manner with which a website can be designed, a Realtor has the option of creating a standalone blog or incorporating it into your primary site. It all depends on how you intend to use the blog whether the agent or firm will want the content to be closely related to their primary activities or simply use it to build interest and redirect traffic.

Real estate firms such as McMillin Realty rely heavily on their Internet presence not only to help build their client base but to keep their existing followers well informed.

Real-time engagement

Maintaining an active blog is one way for a Realtor to maintain a consistent level of customer engagement. This means you’re able to interact with clients and potential clients in a manner that will be non-invasive, and allow them to build a trusting relationship with you.

Because a home purchase is such a significant event, some Realtors make the mistake of looking at their customer as a one-time encounter. You might be surprised how much business one well-managed customer can produce for a real estate agent he or she likes.

A blog maintained by online real estate powerhouse Zillow is an oasis of information for both real estate agents and potential home sellers and buyers. It offers tips on ways for homeowners to spice up their property, news on interest rates, and a multitude of other relevant tips that are valuable to visitors.

Zillow’s blog is a great model of how a blog can provide quality content that’s relevant and useful without overselling, so it creates an ongoing relationship with its readership.

Some of the no-nos

According to, real estate agents commit several routine blogging mistakes that can only be counterproductive. At the top of the list is disrespecting or badmouthing other agents. Posts should remain positive and focus on providing the ideal user experience for visitors, not carry out vendettas.

When blogging is used in the proper way, it can be an effective mechanism to build and sustain business as well as maximizing your online exposure.

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