3 Tips for Writing More Persuasive Content

When you’re writing for the web, one of the main purposes of your writing is to get your readers to do what you want. This could include making a purchase, signing up for a piece of content or an event, sharing something with their followers, or simply changing their way of thinking. However, this type of writing is often harder to do effectively than you might hope. So to help those writers struggling with getting their content to resonate with readers, here are three tips that will help you learn to write more persuasive content.

Inverted Pyramid Style

Web content is very different from other forms of writing. While you’ve likely always been told to leave “the best for last”, this is actually bad advice when it comes to content marketing. In fact, Warwick University shares that effective web writing might be related closest to news writing in which you use a style known as the Inverted Pyramid. With this type of writing, you give all the most useful and interesting information first. And in a world full of scanners as opposed to readers, you’ve got to get your message across quickly if you want to be able to persuade anyone to do anything on the Internet.

Write to Convert

Along with putting your best foot forward as soon as possible, another way you can increase the persuasiveness of your web writing is to understand what it takes to get your target audience to convert. And to do this, you must understand exactly what you’re asking of them and how their thoughts and feelings can be best turned to compliance.

Taking a page out of Apple’s playbook, Henneke Duistermaat, a contributor for KISSmetrics.com, shares that some of the best ways to write copy that has a high conversion rate is to “bypass the critical mind of the reader”, justify your claims using research and evidence, and address any objections the reader may have to your statements. Writing copy that can do all three of these things will make your content much more persuasive.

Rinse and Repeat

Another technique you can use to create more persuasive content is to use repetition. According to Jared Lewis, a contributor to Chron Small Business, subtle and moderate repetition of phrases and ideas can be a very good way to persuade people or help them remember key points to your content or argument. This will also help them to recall the information you’ve shared at a later time. However, keep in mind that too much repetition can often have the opposite effect, causing the reader to resent your claims and mistrust what you’re saying.

In order to have an effective website or online business, you’ve got to have persuasive web copy for your customers and visitors to consume. Use the tips mentioned above to help boost the persuasiveness of your website’s copy today.



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