5 Tips for Using Images on Your Blog

If a picture really does say a thousand words, it is no surprise that you want to utilize as many pictures as possible on your blog. As with all good things though, moderation is key. Just as a simple, fine accessory can bring your look to life, a carefully placed picture can illuminate the text on your blog page.

It can be easy to swamp readers and blog viewers with an overwhelming number of images that blur the purpose and destroy reader focus. Included here are a few tips to consider when utilizing images on your blog.

Be Legal

The first mistake many bloggers make is in posting a picture on their blog that they do not have the rights to. This can be a simple mistake because you believe anything available on the internet is free to use. Unfortunately, if you use someone else’s copyrighted images, you can be sued for damages, even years down the road. Never use a photo or image without permission.

If you want to find photos that are free to use or are available for public use, you can search sites like Flickr or StockPhotosForFree.com. These webpages will have sections of images that fall under “creative commons” or public use, but you should verify the copyright section before use.

Choose High Quality

Another trick to putting photos on your blog is that you must use a high quality image. If you are not sure how to determine this or find those images, take a look at image popularity. On a site like Flickr, you can see the image quality listed below the picture, as well as likes or stars from other users that may help you determine the image quality.

Stock Up

If you don’t have time to shop for photos every time you are writing a blog post, it may be wise to stock up on usable images for your page. Take note of which article topics you will likely be utilizing in the near future and save up your images. Do a general search for pictures that will be relevant for your topics and save them for future use, so you know you have safe images to use.

Focus on the Photo

To add additional emphasis to the photo you use on the site, be sure to place it forefront on your webpage. Rename the image from something like IMG.0052 to something more relevant. In some cases, you may need to resize the photo in order to ensure proper magnification and viewing on your page.

Affiliate Link Your Images

For people who are utilizing affiliate links in their blog posts, it can be wise to take advantage of affiliate linking your image as well. Place the link and product, or company, review below but add an additional link to the image at the top of the page. This will allow readers to be redirected to the affiliate link page more often.



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