3 Things to Include In Every Business Blog You Write

You can find a lot of different types of content on the Internet today. While this is great for consumers, it often makes writing content difficult for bloggers and business owners. You want to create content that is interesting and unique, but you also don’t want to write about something that’s too far out there. Luckily, there are some basic items and principles you can use to ensure the blogs you’re writing for your business will give you the best chance for a great return on your investment and an even stronger and more loyal digital following.

An Informal Tone

Many people who now see the importance of writing blogs for their businesses haven’t really had too much experience writing content. Oftentimes, the last time people wrote something that others were going to read was in school. While this could have been great practice for writing, the rules for writing in academia are a lot different from the rules of writing on the Internet.

According to Abidemi Sanusi, a contributor to The Guardian, a successful business blog should have its own unique style that includes having a less formal tone than you might expect. This is because readers tend to respond better to brands and companies that aren’t afraid to show a little personality and give a human face to their business. If your current blogs sound a little cold, consider warming them up with a more informal tone.

An Obvious Purpose

For general blogs, a person could write about almost anything. However, with business blogs, your blog needs to have an obvious purpose. According to Tom Searcy, a contributor to Inc.com, business blogs should focus on either answering questions or solving problems that your target audience may have.

While you should keep this purpose in mind when writing your blog, you don’t have to necessarily write the entire blog in a question-answer format. For example, if you have a property management company, you may write a blog that answers questions about collecting rent or conducting an eviction by addressing the topic of common problems landlords face. This allows you to answer a question or two while also giving helpful and useful information.

A Few Solid Hooks

Although there is more content being written and posted on the Internet than ever before, people are actually reading entire articles and blogs less and less. Knowing this, it’s important for business bloggers to add in a few carefully placed hooks to their articles in order to encourage the reader to continue reading. To do this, Henneke Duistermaat, a contributor to KISSmetrics.com, recommends focusing on the headlines and first few paragraphs to grab the reader’s’ attention and hold onto it for as long as possible. Strategies for this will vary, so consider using A/B testing to see what works best with your audience.

Having a successful business blog can really help to boost your business. Use the tips mentioned above to begin creating more interesting and effective business blogs today.



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