5 Tips for Family-Friendly Blogging

As much as there’s a need for edgy, aggressive, and profane blog posts for some types of readers, there are lots of people who are more interested in family-friendly writing. And that means there’s an opportunity for you to be a blogger in that domain!

If you haven’t done a lot of reading in that category already, or aren’t sure where to start in terms of tone and content for your blog, consider the five following tips about linking to other articles, paying attention to advertising, including popular topics, keeping the overall visuals nice and relaxing, and starting small and getting feedback along the way.

Link To Family-Friendly Articles

One way to get good attention for you blog is to link to other blogs that have excellent family-friendly content as well. For example, by linking to articles promoting family-friendly property rental information, you can make your audience bigger by spreading detailed and specific knowledge both to people who want that info, and people who are just interested in the overall topic as a general concept.

Pay Attention to Advertising On Your Site

Not only does you content need to be family-friendly, but you need to be careful that there isn’t any advertising on your site for things like gambling, dating sites, or get-rich quick links. There are ways to adjust your advertising settings, so it’s important you look into those early in your process of putting your blogging site together. Especially if it’s a place that kids can browse informally, you need to be in control of the types of information present.

Popular Topics Include Cleaning and Organizing

Two of the most popular topics for family-friendly blogs include tips about cleaning and organizing. Since these are two things that every family needs to constantly work on and get better at, those topics are ones that you can always write about, always link to other sites about, and can keep refreshing on a regular basis to get continued readership.

Make Your Overall Vibe Relaxing

When putting your blog together, find design elements that are relaxing. They will match the tone of your articles much better, and people who are looking for tips about making life easier will be much more attracted to certain color schemes and fonts than others. It’s a fascinating but well-documented phenomenon.

Start Small and Get Feedback

Particular when just starting out your blog, begin with a small concept with just a short bit of very specific content and design. Get feedback right away from close friends, and then expand a bit on the idea for your next project. By doing things in baby steps, you’ll be successful along the whole writing journey.



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