4 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into An Online Business

Earning money from home has become the new generations idea of the American dream. With introverts, like Mark Zuckerberg, making millions from an idea formed and manifested at home, many millennials believe the 9-to-5 office grind may be behind them. While the idea is solid, the execution of working from home can be a difficult process. Individuals who lack motivation and self-discipline will find themselves struggling to make enough money and stay focused.

For many online gurus, the way to long-term cash flow started with a blog. Finding your niche and preferred writing style can be a bit of a process, but is crucial to turning out great content. Blogs can be valuable ways to earn money and open doors to other income streams. Included here are a few ways to turn your blog into an online business.

Sell Merchandise

With internet fame manifesting overnight, some bloggers have become veritable celebrities in the internet world. They have memes created about them and their online adventures. Their loyal followings are more than willing to support the art and enjoy purchasing “swag” that is branded with quotes or drawings by their favorite blogger. You can easily sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, magnets or bumper stickers on your page with just a small shop setup.


Getting paid for advertising is a great way to make a little extra cash through your blog. After developing a loyal following of readers, you should be pitched to by a few different ad companies. They will pay you amounts based on the size and placement of the ad on your page. Be careful when adding advertisements though, as you don’t want your readers to believe you have sold out.

Utilize Affiliate Links

Another means of income bloggers have available is the option of affiliate links. This means you are going to be possibly writing a promotional blog post and then linking to an advertiser’s page via anchored text. The advertiser will track how many viewers you send to their site and pay you accordingly. Affiliate links have been criticized as one of the most “lazy” means of passive income, but when you want to make money, anything is doable.

Use It As a Springboard

Successful internet entrepreneurs have found their blog to be a means to an alternative end. Many bloggers use their blog as a way to promote their ebooks, video series, and other products. If you become genuinely successful online, you can market those ideas to other work-from-home idealists. You must first build up a reputation for yourself as a trusted contributor before pitching new ideas and sales, in order to be taken seriously by your readers.



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