5 Ways To Research a Business’s History

There are all kinds of different reasons that you might want to research a particular business’s history. You may want to know more about their company policies, or when they were established. You may want to know about their major employees, or any major events or charities they’ve been a part of.

So, if you find that you are interested in a particular business or company, the following methods will get you to the answers you’re looking for – check out their executive profiles, follow their stocks on the stock market, look at business Wikipedia entries, research the industry the company is in, and contact a representative directly.

Check Out Executive Profiles

For public businesses, you can generally look up executive profiles so that you get a basic data sheet on an employee or manager, for instance. This is good information if you want vital stats like a mailing address, contact number or email, or even background and education, if that’s something that is provided on the page. With this additional information, you can better find the resources you need to do further research.

Follow the Stock Market

When you follow the stock market, you know that you can spot trends fairly easily, and that means if you know what stock the company is question is represented by, or even know what stocks they themselves invest in, then that is good information to add to your mental financial portfolio that you’ll be keeping on them. In particular, look for long-term trends, and short-term stuff may not be as indicative as you’d like.

Look At Business Wikipedia Entries

Wikipedia has all kinds of business entries for large and medium-sized companies. If you want to research a particular one, after doing your initial Google search, be sure to focus in on what kind of office entries there are like the ones on Wikipedia. And even if there isn’t one there at that particular reference area, something similar may be available through a different site that specializes in that industry.

Research the Company’s Industry

Which leads to the next tip for researching, and that is to read about the industry the particular company is in. So for example, if the business in question in part of the shoe industry, read some magazines about shoes! It really is that simply. Find out the connection between the business and the industry via relative pop culture.

Contact a Representative Directly

And finally, if you want to know about a company, consider contacting a representative directly. Make the phone call. Send the email. Go to the office even! This is probably the best way to make the direct contact you want in certain instances.



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