How Blogging Helps Make Your Business More Money

Almost everyone who works in online marketing, owns their own business, or runs a blog has heard just how impactful creating a successful blog can be. However, you may not know exactly what your blogging efforts are supposed to help your business accomplish. If this sounds like you—knowing that you should be blogging for your business but not really understanding why—here are three ways that blogging can help your business grow by making you more money.

Blogs Fuel Purchases

When you write a blog for your business, you’re reaching out to your clients or customers in a non-threatening, friendly way that can’t always be accomplished when your main goal is sell-sell-sell. For this reason, blogs are a great way to help fuel purchases without coming off too strong.

According to Neil Patel of, 61 percent of consumers have made a purchase because of a blog post they had read. This proves that although you may feel that your non-promotional blog content isn’t doing much to help your business directly by selling for you, it is helping to soften up your readers toward making future purchases.

Blogs Bring More Website Traffic

Just like blogs can help facilitate potential future purchases indirectly, they can also help to bring in more website traffic as well. Because people are more likely to click on and respond to content that doesn’t appear to be selling them something—which is what your business blog content should be doing—they can slowly and seamlessly be moved down the sales funnel toward making a purchase and bringing in more money to your business.

To make this even more pronounced, Dan Shewan, a contributor to, recommends for businesses to also utilize guest blogging. When you bring a guest blogger onto your blog, they bring along with them their current blog following, helping you to reach people you may not have otherwise. This same principle goes for if you’re able to post a guest blog on someone else’s website, further expanding your audience and bringing even more traffic to your website.

Blogs Help Create Value

In probably the most indirect way of making money mentioned here, blogging helps to create value for your customers. And once there is value equated with your company, you will begin seeing even more success and more money coming your way. According to Jay Conrad Levinson and Al Lautenslager, contributors to, the information you provide brings value to your visitors, necessitating their return to your blog and your website in order to continue reaping the benefits of that value. Once this valued relationship has been established, you’ll see just how blogging can be financially beneficial to your business.

With your valiant blogging efforts, not only will you receive many perks like a greater following and better brand awareness, but you’ll also be able to equate all of these things into monetary value by seeing how your success with your blog has correlated with greater financial success as well.



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