3 Tips for Creating An Effective Blogging Schedule and Distribution Strategy

Just a few short years ago, the amount of blogs out on the Internet was much, much smaller than the amount we have today. But with the rise of digital marketing and a huge cultural push toward sharing ideas and opinions on the web, the number of blogs has rise dramatically, especially in relation to online business. But while many online businesses know that they should focus part of their marketing budget on content creation, actually executing that strategy can easily get pushed to the wayside when things like sales numbers and personnel issues need to be addressed.

For those business owners or managers who need a little extra help making sure content creation gets its time in the sun, creating a blogging schedule and distribution strategy up front can be an huge benefit. And to ensure you start off this venture on the right foot, here are three tips for creating such a schedule and strategy.

Shoot to Complete a Daily Blogging Task

If content creation and blogging is going to be a priority for your business, you have to prove that you want to make it a priority by carving out time to complete it. While most businesses, especially small businesses, can’t devote an employee or team of employees to spend five hours a day creating content, most can find just a few minutes each day to complete a blogging task.

So what constitutes a “blogging task”? According to Timothy Torrents, a contributor to Business2Community.com, your daily blogging task could be anything from writing a short piece of content for a blog to sharing someone else’s content or even just posting a few tweets. As long as the task will get you writing or thinking about writing, it will prove to be beneficial to your overall content marketing goal and get you into the habit of working toward that goal each day.

Only Create A Schedule You Can Stick To

Now, you may think that having a daily blogging task is too much for you, and you may be right. That’s why it’s so important for the success of your blogging efforts to work with your schedule and needs. Don’t create a blogging schedule that’s impossible to accomplish or stick to. In fact, Diana Adams, a contributor to SheOwnsIt.com, suggests sitting down and really figuring out how much time you can actually devote to blogging without sacrificing the quality of your work. If you can do some sort of blogging task each day, good for you, but if you really only can get to two a month, that schedule will be just fine, too.

Find the Right Distribution Platforms and Work Those Relationships

Coming up with an awesome blogging schedule and keeping pace with it will do you and your business no good if you don’t have an effective way to disseminate your content. And although simply posting it to your personal blog or company website is a good start, you’re going to need to get more eyes on it if you want it to get any traction. For this reason, start networking now with larger or niche publications to help get your content out there. Another idea from Will Blunt of HubSpot is to repurpose that one piece of content into several smaller content pieces that are easily shareable, like emails or infographics that can link back to the original piece. Whatever you choose to do for distribution purposes, make sure it’s a plan you can and will execute.

Blogging takes more than just writing a decent post and getting lucky that it goes viral. You can put in the effort necessary to get your content discovered if you’re willing to make a schedule for both creation and distribution. Use the tips mentioned above to help get you there. Good luck!



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