3 Tips for Blogging In The Medical Field

If you’re looking to start or amp up a blog around topics in the medical field, your blogging efforts are going to be a little different than if you were to blog about basic tips and tricks or lifestyle topics. Because people take medical advice, even medical advice they find on the Internet, so seriously, there is a bit more responsibility resting on those who choose to write within the medical field. So to help bloggers writing about health and wellness or medicine, whether you’re a professional writer or an aspiring medical professional, here are three tips to benefit your blogging efforts.

Accuracy is Key

When writing about something that is in the medical arena, it’s vital that you present accurate information to your readers. Not only will this help your credibility as a blogger, but it will also help to create a greater sense of knowledge and understanding about whatever topic you’re writing about.

One area that will greatly show your attention to accuracy is your medical spelling and definitions. According to Michelle Guillemard of HealthWriterHub.com, everyone who writes about medicine should have at least one medical dictionary on hand at all times, regardless of your medical background. This resource will ensure your writing is as factually and grammatically accurate as possible.

Use Pre-Established Blogs As a Guide

Especially if you’re just starting off with blogging about the medical field, it can be extremely beneficial to get a basic overview of other well established medical blogs in order to help you start out your own. To get even more benefit from this tip, Brent Thoma of BoringEM.org states that you should also attempt to contribute content to these larger, established medical blogs. By doing so, you will see what it takes to create content that is sufficient to be published on a well known and reputable medical blog as well as making connections with others in your field who could be a benefit to you and your blog in the future.

Be Bold In Your Blogging

Although you need to be very careful about what you blog about and how much of your opinions you include in your medical blog, especially if you’re giving advice, Vanguard Communications advises medical bloggers to be bold in their writing if you want to see success and growth of your blog. While it’s still not recommended to come up with sensational content just to get a rise out of your audience, taking a firm stand on topics while retaining your scientific reasoning will prove to give you a solid, loyal audience that you may have had a hard time reaching any other way.

If you have a passion for medicine and feel that the medical community could benefit from your point of view regarding medical policies or procedures, don’t let the vastness or technicalities of blogging stop you from pursuing your dream. Simply use the medical blogging tips mentioned above to begin your journey toward a hugely successful medical blogging career. Good luck!



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