Tips For Blogging About Your Creative Business

Do you have a creative business? Maybe you are an artist that paints beautiful sceneries, or maybe you are a website designer. Whatever your creative business is you can do a lot of good for it by starting a blog, whether it is a stand alone or you connect it to your website.

You might wonder what you would write about when it comes to artistic endeavors. Who wants to hear about how you just painted a tree, or how you messed up the code on a recent website, or maybe even how you recreated that scene in Ghost with the potter’s wheel? However, there are people that want to read about things that you are doing, and soon they’ll be your fans, your biggest supporters, and the people that are hiring you for your creative skills.

Tell People About You Current Projects

One thing you can do with your creative business blog is share your projects with people. If you already have a fan base they’ll love knowing what you’re working on. New readers will love learning about the things that you work on just as much, because it allows them a chance to know your creative side.

Give Them An Overview Of Your Creative Process

People that are creative have certain processes that they go through, from where they work to the steps they take to create something. Both creative people and non-creative people will find your process interesting, so why not share with them.

Many creative people have multiple talents, and you can use your blog to share all of them. You can share how you memorize your lines for a play or even how you get your voice ready for a concert. People want to know.

Show Them Your Finished Projects

A picture says a thousand words, and your blog posts should be rich in photos, especially since you are sharing your art. While there are plenty of places online to find stock photos, as a creative person your photos should be your own.

Take pictures of your finished products, have a friend take photos while you are on stage, and maybe even share photos of your finished art when it makes it to a new home by asking buyers to submit photos, just make sure you give credit where it’s due.

Tell Them How You Promote And Sell Your Art

If you are going to be in a play share the dates and times in your blog, and other information about the play. If your newest artwork is going to be displayed at an art gallery share the address and what your art looks like so that people can go visit. Art galleries, like Park West Gallery, allow artists to show their work, and they may even share your work on their own website and social media, bringing you even more of a following.

Even if you just got your new book into a local store, write a blog post about. Tell your readers what you needed to do to get your book accepted, how much it costs, and where the store is. You could even tell them why you picked that particular store.

All of these posts have the potential of attracting buyers, or at least people to show up at your next play. Don’t waste all that the internet has to offer, start a creative blog.



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