Top Real Estate Blogs for International Investors

People wanting to invest in real estate no longer have to limit themselves in their locality, state or country. They now have an opportunity to purchase properties in other countries.

The best part is investors can now rely on information provided on the internet to guide them in their buying decision. With the existence of numerous real estate blogs these days, there’s a wealth of information available on how to get started in property investing.

Here are some of the best blogs on real estate you should find time to read as they are updated and provide quality content. The sites are also easy to navigate and focused solely on property investing.

REtipster is one of the top real estate investment blogs online. Authored by Seth Williams, the site offers factual information and tips such as on how to sell properties fast, create passive income and achieve financial freedom in the property sector.

Epic Real Estate

Matt Theriault is the man behind the blog. A former Desert Storm Marine, Theriault established a small real estate empire and has developed a skill in simplying what many people would consider complicated real estate investment processes.

Real Estate in your Twenties

Young people wanting to invest in a small home or rental unit should follow Run by Brandon Turner who’s also behind the Bigger Pockets podcast, the blog teaches the Gen Ys about the strategies that will help them create their real estate portfolio while still in their twenties. First time homebuyers can also learn from Turner’s personal blog.

Invest Four More

Mark Ferguson, an investor himself, runs the as a way to help people become property investors whether as flippers, wholesalers and rental property owners. The blog takes up financing, buying, locating, rehabbing and renting rental properties. It also discusses rental investment strategies for the long term and fix and flip tactics that will help investors generate passive cash flow.

Flipping Junkie

Those interested in flipping properties should check out Danny Johnson’s FlippingJunkie blog. The site provides useful information on flipping houses or buying homes, renovating them and reselling them for a profit. Author Danny Johnson, a former software developer, claimed he and his wife achieved financial freedom when they started flipping houses and he will teach you the ways to do it right. In fact, he also offers a comprehensive course on this subject matter.

Keep in mind that generating income from property investing does not happen overnight. It takes hard work and perseverance to eventually attain your desired goals. But while you’re still learning the ropes, be sure to keep yourselves glued to these five sites for the best real estate advice.



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