How to Generate Fresh Ideas for Blog Posts

A big part of successful blogging is providing your audience with original content that hasn’t been done to death by everyone else. The problem is that coming up with fresh ideas isn’t always easy, and writer’s block can get the best of you.

Here are some foolproof ways to find recent trends and capitalize on them.

News aggregators

Regardless of the niche you’re in, it’s possible to find recent articles on nearly any topic through the right news aggregator. These sites condense a wealth of information from a variety of sources onto one location to streamline your search.

Google News is extremely popular and allows you to browse through the day’s top stories. Another option is Alltop, which breaks content down by topic and by the latest articles from popular websites/blogs. You can also set up an account and personalize your experience with MyAlltop.

This way, you can create your own “magazine rack” that covers any interests that could become topics for your blog posts.

Trending topics

Whenever something is trending, there’s usually potential to capture the attention of a reasonable-sized audience and bring in organic search traffic — if your post can quickly get ranked in a top position.

Even if the overall volume of traffic for a particular post wanes in time, it can still bring a lot of exposure for your blog. A great place to start is Twitter’s homepage, to check out the trending topics on the left-hand sidebar. This is great because the information stays in real time and is constantly updated.

Another resource is Google Trends. It shows you which topics have recently received a high volume of searches. The “Hot Searches” feature is a bit more in-depth than Twitter, because it breaks data down by the specific number of searches and usually includes links to some relevant articles from which you can extract information.

Google recently included a new feature called “Top Charts,” which breaks things down according to category and displays what’s being most frequently searched. You can also explore nearly any topic to get a pulse on what’s popular and find related searches for keyword ideas.

A blog about plumbing and HVAC topics could search for home improvement and quickly generate dozens of ideas to tie an article about, say, rubber flat washers to other articles on the Web — even breaking news.

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