Highly-Efficient Web Tools For Online Businesses

41. Landingi

No matter what online business you might have – shop, blog, agency, service provider, photography, etc. – you will benefit a lot by taking a look at these highly efficient 50+ web tools and services.

Combine these web tools with software development outsourcing and you will have a complete solution for everything you want to achieve with your website.

Or you can always go on the classic path and hire a website designer. Ramotion is a one-of-a-kind agency that will help you with UI/UX design, website design and development, and brand identity.

Take a look.

1. BrandCrowd Logo Maker

BrandCrowd is the logo maker that smashed in the industry with a different approach, being years in front of their competitors.

While all the logo makers use software to generate logo designs, BrandCrowd is using a real portfolio of 50,000+ logo designs handcrafted by real designers with huge experience.

What is even better is that all these 50,000+ logo designs use handmade icons and not stock icons like all the other logo makers.

All these efforts of BrandCrowd translate into top-quality logos. Their logos are comparable with some of the most expensive logos in the world, while they ask $45 for a standard license, for any logo you like.

You will prefer this way of getting a super logo. It costs infinitely less than paying an agency or a designer, and the logo is ready in under 1 minute, not weeks or months.

Have in mind that you can easily customize the logos you want, as much as you want. For complex edits, you will work with a designer from BrandCrowd.

Take a look and see with your own eyes the quality of these logos.

2. actiTIME

From an outsider’s perspective, a designer’s job may seem as easy as pie. Little do they know about the complex analytical processes, countless brainstorming sessions, and numerous tests running behind the development of a good design. This lack of understanding often becomes an issue for self-employed designers and creative teams alike. They always have to explain why the work on the project took as much as it did and why clients have to pay the price as it stands.

actiTIME is a great helper in this regard. This intelligent and user-friendly timesheet tool can be applied not only to track billing time and hours spent on different tasks but also to create a detailed work breakdown with the scope management feature. 

In actiTIME, you can develop projects and add as many tasks as you wish to them. Then, you may track time for each of these tasks separately for greater process transparency. Besides, you can leave comments for every time tracking entry in the timesheet to clarify what you’ve accomplished during the day. In this way, you’ll get a thorough overview of your progress and all the little components involved in the work on projects, which will explicitly justify both the timelines and the price of your service.

In addition to the above, actiTIME reduces the risk of errors in the process of data collection and streamlines many essential management processes – from billing and invoicing to leave request approval. Thus, it allows managers to get extra time to work on important matters as they won’t have to spend hours on solving trivial administrative problems and correcting mistakes. Sign up for a free actiTIME trial and bring your productivity to the next level. 

3. Mobirise Website Builder

People with no experience managed to create superb websites with Mobirise.

This website builder is popular for having everything you need included and for being super simple to use, even for totally beginner people.

Give it a try and create your next website with Mobirise.

4. Goodie

Goodie is a reliable web development partner for web designers that need high-quality work and which work with tight deadlines.

This team never misses a target and all their customers are super happy, recommending them everywhere on the internet.

Work with Goodie experts now.

5. TestingBot: Cross Browser Testing and Mobile App Testing

TestingBot will help you with all the tests you need:

  • Live app testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • Automated testing
  • Manual testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • And much more

Register for the 14-day free trial, without any obligation, and try TestingBot.

6. Codester

Codester is a huge marketplace where you will find premium website themes, plugins, apps, codes, graphics, and much more.

Browse Codester and pick what you need.

7. Web & Mobile Digital Agency – Startechup

7. Startechup

Startechup is one of a kind agency that will help you with:

  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Dedicated developers
  • Minimum viable product
  • UI/UX design

Take a look at their Portfolio and contact them for a free consultation.

8. Taskade — Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams

Taskade is the collaboration tool that will become the most popular in 2021.

It is simple to use, quick, fully customizable for each project of yours, and it is even coming with a free forever plan.

Register and use Taskade with your remote teams.

9. Bonsai

9. Bonsai

Bonsai suite of web tools for freelancers will help you get your work in less time.

Create professional proposals, contracts, and invoices with just a few clicks, all of them being interconnected and helping you save time.

Give it a try.

10. Total Theme

Total WordPress theme will help you build a stunning website in a matter of minutes, even if you don’t have any design skills or experience.

With one click you can install the premade skin that you like and the drag-and-drop builder will help you make all the customizations that you need.

Get started.

11. Ampfluence

Constantly working on your Instagram growth isn’t exactly a party. As a business owner, you have more important tasks on your plate.

But you can’t just keep putting your Instagram growth on the backburner. Your customers are there daily buying your competitors’ products! It’s an extremely valuable platform with highly engaged buyers you simply can’t ignore. 

If you only had an affordable agency that solely focused on organic Instagram growth. IF ONLY?

We found them. Let Ampfluence’s team of 50+ growth analysts…

  • Engage your target audience
  • Build social proof on the ‘Gram
  • Increase organic profile exposure
  • Grow your IG reach daily

Why Ampfluence? Because NO ONE else does Instagram growth manually to generate more followers and sales.

12. Ad Angles

Imagine getting a team of top-notch creatives and seasoned advertisers who work on your ad accounts. Sounds expensive? We thought so too then we realized that Ad Angles was built specifically for small businesses and brands seeking an affordable advertising service. 

What’s more refreshing is they list their pricing on the site. No more wondering whether you can afford such an agency. 

If you want to choose from specific services, Ad Angles offers the following: 

  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Images
  • Video Ads
  • Ads Management

If you’ve been searching for expert copywriters, advertisers, and designers to craft ads and campaigns that get results for your brand, then contact the best ads management agency over at Ad Angles.

13. White label Email Marketing software by Mailmunch 

Mailmunch’s white label email marketing software allows you to use its email marketing and lead generation services as your own solution.

You can customize the platform according to your choice and brand and then sell it to your customers. Mailmunch’s white label email marketing software saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best while providing a cohesive and intuitive experience to prospects and customers. 

White Label Email Marketing software includes:

  • Popup forms
  • Landing pages
  • Ready-made templates
  • End-to-end email marketing platform
  • Drip campaigns
  • Autoresponders
  • Automations

While some of the benefits of White label marketing software are 

  • Zero Coding Required
  • Cost Cuts
  • Wholesome experience with all services under one roof via a single dashboard
  • Rebrand and resell

14. Unlayer

Unlayer will help you create emails and landing pages that convert and which are engaging.

No need to have any design skills, know-how, or previous experience.

The smart tool will help you each moment, being highly intuitive. Give it a try.

15. WhatFontIs – Font Identifier

15. WhatFontIs

WhatFontIs will help you identify fonts from pictures, in under 1 minute, and without asking you for your contact details or your money.

Give it a try, this is the best font identifier on the market, by far.

16. MVP development services – Startup Oasis

16. MVP development services Startup Oasis

Launching an MVP with the help of Startup Oasis is simple and enjoyable.

This agency that deep knowledge and experience, helping startups founders from all parts of the world successfully launch MVPs.

Check out their MVP packages, and ask for a discovery call.

You will love working with Startup Oasis.

17. Podcast Booking Agency

Podcast Booking Agency is a smart and affordable service that will help you get booked as a guest on cool podcasts.

Use this smart service to grow your link building, SEO, and personal branding.

It works excellent.

18. BeTranslated

BeTranslated is the most affordable professional translation agency specialized in SEO-friendly translation and copywriting.

They have huge experience and knowhow, being a pleasure to work with them.

Get in contact with BeTranslated and let them know about your project details.

19. Hire Jordan Smith

If you’re in search of quality web design look no further! Hire Jordan Smith is a Tulsa web design company with many years of experience producing professional websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the United States.

Whether you’re a law firm or service company hoping to attract more clients, a blogger seeking to increase your online presence or an eCommerce store looking to increase sales, Hire Jordan Smith can work with you to create a strategically built website that will help you reach your digital goals.

Get a free quote from Hire Jordan Smith.

20. Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base is the number 1 plugin for WordPress that you can use to implement your knowledge base.

The process is very simple and intuitive.

Install this knowledge base plugin and cut your costs with the support department.

21. CompleteSEO

Complete SEO will help you get as much organic traffic as possible for your website, without producing more content.

They develop smart and unique SEO strategies for each customer.

Get a free quote.

22. Popular WooCommerce Themes

Astra is a top WooCommerce theme with cool features:

  • SEO-friendly
  • Optimized for high volumes of sales and traffic
  • Easy to customize
  • Fast-loading

Take a look.

23. Fast Dumpster

Fast Dumpster is a professional service that will help you right away.

Write your zip code and get a free quote.

These guys are super serious and professional, you will love working with them.

24. Angular Templates

On WrapPixel website you will find top angular templates, UI kits, and dashboards.

25. XSTORE – The Most Customizable WooCommerce Theme

XSTORE is the most complete and customizable WooCommerce theme, having unique features:

  • Loads faster than any other WooCommerce theme.
  • It has a massive library of 100+ shop designs.
  • This theme is a complete package, and costs only $39.

Take a look.

26. Web Scraping API

26. Web Scraping API

Abstract is a web scraping API that you can use with no experience to start extracting data from websites.

Find out more.

27. Online Portfolio Websites by Pixpa

Pixpa is the most popular builder for people that want to create portfolio websites.

It contains a massive library of stunning templates and elements, and the interface is clean and intuitive, being super simple to use.

Try it for free.

28. InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry is a professional invoicing software for small companies, no matter the industry they are in.

It contains all the features you might need and it is simpler to use.

Register for the free trial.

29. Acowebs

If you’re running a WooCommerce store and want to send out professional-quality invoices to your customers, then Woocommerce PDF invoices & packing slips by Acowebs is the best choice. It helps to generate a custom-made PDF invoice for your WooCommerce store orders. Not only that, it helps to add a packing slip, delivery note, and shipping label as well with just one click. Whether you’re just starting out or already running an online business, this plugin gives you the flexibility to design invoices that suit your needs. This free plugin is also a highly acclaimed one in the WordPress plugin directory. 

30. Denver Web Design Services

Upqode is a highly-awarded web design and digital agency that works with companies of all sizes, helping them with professional websites and smart strategies.

Get a free quote from one of the best web design agencies in the world.

31. Honey Apps

32. HoneyApps

If you are not using upselling for your store, you are losing big time.

With Honey Apps, you will sell product upgrades and complementary products, helping your store get more sales.

The app is 100% free to use.

Get it now.

32. Wiremo – product review platform for eCommerce

33. Wiremo

Your business is incomplete without customer feedback. Today, you can turn a few simple clicks into an exciting experience for your customers and potential buyers by using Wiremo to automatically collect, approve and reply to the reviews! With the click of a button, you’re one step closer to increasing your website value, whether it’s through opening conversations with your customers or setting up triggers for timely responses from consumers. Wiremo is here to take care of that tedious process so you can focus on other things while still getting results.

Wiremo is the best Yotpo alternative. Wiremo offers more features while also providing a smoother user experience that doesn’t disappoint visitors with long loading times or outages like our competitor does. Wiremo’s interface was designed so that you can show off your successes in an efficient manner, because manual labor isn’t necessary with this software!



AMG will help you with a stunning website, being a professional web design agency that puts enormous accent on creativity and high-quality work.

Get a free quote.

34. Aspire Media – Web Design Limerick

35. Aspire

Aspirea Media is a web design Limerick based agency that will help you with everything you need:

  • Creative web design services
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media management
  • And even video production

Get a free quote.

35. LogoAI

LogoAI is a popular logo design builder that will help you with a gorgeous design without ripping you off.

The platform is very simple to use and intuitive.

Take a look, you will pay only after you find the right logo.

36. pCloud – The Most Secure Cloud Storage

pCloud is the favorite cloud storage app of Europeans with data centres in the US and EU, being the most secure in the industry, and probably the easiest to use, no matter the device it is being used.

Find out more about pCloud.

37. WordPress Web Developers

37. Kansas

Kansas City Web Design & SEO is the right agency to work with if you put high emphasis on quality and on strict requirements.

They adapt perfectly to all of their customers, including huge corporations.

Get a free quote.

38. DWS

DWS is a complete web design and web development agency that works with customers of all sizes, from different industries, and from all parts of the world.

Get a free quote, their rates are highly affordable.

39. Landingi

Landingi will help you create superb landing pages that convert and engage people.

The builder is very simple to use and intuitive.

Give it a try.

40. FoxMetrics

42. FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics will help you understand everything you need to know about your website.

Where are your customers coming from, what they do on your website, or they quit your website, and much more.

Understand this information and make the right adjustments.

41. Argon – Low Code Builder

43. Argon

With Argon Web Builders, you will create simple web pages in a matter of minutes, even if you don’t have any design skills and experience.

Select the blocks you like, arrange them in the order you need, and customize them with a few clicks.

Give it a try.

42. Cloe Brooks

42. Cloe Brooks

Building a psychology website code-free will be quick and easy with the Cloe Brooks WordPress theme. It’s a trendy ready-made web design made according to the latest web design trends. It’s fully compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder and seamlessly integrates with other popular WordPress plugins. The theme includes online forms and online booking appointments functionality, which will be especially useful for psychological clinics and hospitals. The fully responsive layout of the theme makes all pieces of your website smoothly run on small and large displays. 

43. Reprizo

46. Reprizo

If you are looking for themes that you can edit without touching a single line of code, consider working with Reprizo. It’s the ultimate choice for getting started with eCommerce sites selling jewelry and accessories. Reprizo features a multi-functional design that looks amazing on all devices. It features a collection of 5 ready-to-go homepage demos suited for an online jewelry store, watch store, watch or jewelry repair shop, custom jewelry services, and other kinds of topic-specific websites. Numerous ready-made shortcodes and premade blocks are also available in the theme’s download package. Choose any of the pre-made solutions on your future site. 

44. Hallelujah

47. Hallelujah

Hallelujah WordPress theme is a fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, and GDPR-ready design perfectly suited for prayer groups, Christian, charity, volunteering, believer community, God leadership academy, and non-profit organizations websites. It supports the Give Donation plugin, which lets you accept donations from investors and non-indifferent people. It’s easy to modify the theme even for non-techies, thanks to the theme’s compatibility with the Elemntor page builder. You can use it to modify any of the ready-made pages pre-loaded in the theme’s download package. 

45. RumbleTalk

Use RumbleTalk to add a moderated chat on your website, and engage your website audience.

It is simple with RumbleTalk, give it a try.

46. Shopping Bag PSD Mockups

49. Shopping Bag PSD Mockups

You are looking for a professional shopping bag PSD mockup?

There are 4 to choose from.

Take a look.


In the end, I highly recommend you take a look at this full guide on B2B tech marketing. It will help you understand the next steps you should make for your online business.



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