Incorporating Help Services Into Your Marketing Plan

One technique for marketing yourself, your company, or your brand, is to turn the tables and specifically make some of your content about the person seeking help, information, or answers. In other words, instead of saying ‘here, I’m selling this thing’, you adjust the framework to say, ‘here, these are ways that I can help you’. The information provided will essentially communicate the core message the same, but the packaging will be structured in a way that people can come to their own conclusions about your services based on their needs, rather than matching it the other way around.

You can look at four examples of this specifically, including your ability to market yourself in terms of help for medical problems, education, social issues, or private issues. Regardless of your industry or what you’re selling, there are almost always ways to incorporate these ideas into some of your content.

Help For Medical Problems

You don’t necessarily have to have solutions to medical problems yourself, and if you aren’t licensed or certified, you should obviously not be giving advice to people seeking help, but you can always purvey information from reliable sources in your content. For example, you can provide information about addiction so that people seeking that information will land on your site. You can provide links, and anecdotes, and even organize the information in a way that’s unique, and that will automatically give your site (and therefore your brand) that sense of positive recognition right off the bat.

Help For Education

People want to be smarter. About this. About that. About everything. So, as a marketer, if you set up your site to have content that allows people to learn at their own pace, this is a fantastic benefit to you and your readers. There are great examples of education sites that provide direct information to people with questions. All you have to do is emulate this format within your own industry as an expert, and your positive traffic numbers will reflect gains all around.

Help For Social Issues

Socially, people are in a conundrum these days. Information, technology, advertising, culture – everything is moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up. So as a marketer, if you figure out how to slow this pace down for people when they browse your site, and eventually point them to a solution, that’s a huge positive for your brand. Look at dating websites to see how they take on social issues, and then work that sort of content into your web framework.

Help For Private Problems

Private problems are the types that people want to be anonymous asking about. And there have been some really interesting online marketing solutions to get people’s attention regarding this. Sites and apps that allow people to post anonymously are extremely popular, and that’s something to take note of as a brand marketer.