5 Features That Characterize the Future of Email Marketing

Businesses rely on a variety of digital marketing campaigns to get the word out about their products and services. Email marketing is particularly challenging, since it must hook readers’ attention the instant they read the subject line.

If you want to avoid your customers’ trash bins and make sure your company stays on the cutting edge of email marketing technology, consider these five aspects of effective email marketing.

1. A paperless world

Very few businesses and individuals rely on paper media anymore. Even the few consumers who are holding out will shift away from newsletters, catalogs, and snail mail as they realize the digital marketplace offers more variety and promotions. Cleaning up customer records will prove to be crucial for online businesses, since accurate email addresses are needed for a successful digital campaign.

The best way to collect this information is to include promotional signups on your company website, especially on forms where customers submit inquiries. Make sure to be completely transparent regarding the types of emails they’ll receive. Customers will appreciate the honesty and will be more likely to sign up for an email campaign.

2. Mobile readability

Online users are drifting away from desktop and laptop computers in favor of their smartphones and tablets. People consume more information on these mobile devices because they’re so easy to access and view.

Commuters on a bus or train can easily catch up on daily news, emails, and new promotions. Busy workers catch the latest information during lunch breaks with a glance at their phones. Thus, companies must invest in an email marketing strategy that incorporates smooth mobile coding and user interfaces. Readers will quickly disregard bulky emails that do not fit completely onto a mobile screen.

3. Social media integration

Companies are learning more about their audience by engaging with them directly via social media. Hashtags can go viral, leading to greater brand exposure and conversion rates.

Encourage readers to follow your company through various social media platforms. Create digital scavenger hunts and promotional opportunities for followers to win products, discounts, or other items. Online marketing isn’t the only area that can gain from social media; customer service departments can monitor tweets and posts to repair relationships and celebrate company success.

For the greatest success, social media and email campaigns should bring customers back to your website.

4. Video content

Technology improvements allow email marketers to embrace more sophisticated content in their messages. HTML5 can be used to embed eye-catching videos in promotional emails, and help your business connect with more customers. Product commercials can inject humor and emotion into an otherwise bland marketing email.

Mobile devices and computers already make it easy for consumers to play videos while on the go. Get ready to create the next online viral hit by including video content in future marketing campaigns.

5. Specialized email software

Companies can’t rely on generic webmail to craft the best templates, engaging subject lines, and email lists. Sophisticated email marketing solutions enable businesses to build targeted client lists, create eye-catching designs, and really make their message pop.

Marketing departments can also use software to analyze their success rates. They can view how many emails actually reach their destination and are opened. Businesses can measure how effective a campaign is, then make adjustments to extend success or make improvements.

Customers rely on email marketing to learn about the newest products and hottest deals online. Businesses can get ahead of the game by using innovative email features to include viral video content, engaging design, and social media networks in their communications.

Don’t miss out on these great opportunities to connect with your client base, increase web traffic, and raise your conversion rates!

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