3 Tips For Finding The Perfect Place To Live When You Blog From Home


Working from home can be a great career choice for your life. With a career as a blogger, it’s simple to have your own successful career without ever really having to leave your home in order to get your work done. However, to maintain your work-life balance and your productivity, it’s important that you’re able to find a home in the perfect neighborhood of a city that you love to work in. So to help you in finding this exact match for you, here are three tips for finding the perfect place for you to live when you blog from home.

Pick A Home With Office Space

Since you’ll likely be spending the majority of your time as a blogger within your own home and working in your own office space, it’s important that you’re able to have an area that you can devote to this work. According to Lisa Evans, a contributor to Fast Company, it can be very helpful to have a space that’s completely separate from your living space where you can focus entirely on your work. When you blur the lines between these two areas, it can feel like you’re never quite ready to sit down and get to work in addition to never being able to get away from your work. But by finding a home that has extra space available for you to make into your ideal home office space will make blogging from home much easier on you and on your family.

Look For Somewhere With A Sense Of Community

Because you won’t be going into an office and spending face-to-face time with coworkers when you’re blogging from home, Jennifer Parris, a contributor to The Muse, recommends that you find some place where you can still feel a sense of community with those around you even with you’re not working together. Working from home can sometimes feel very isolating, so having neighbors that you enjoy getting together with or joining a club or group within the neighborhood or city you live in can help you find balance in all areas of your life.

Consider Close City Amenities

Although you might be someone who enjoys blogging from home, this doesn’t mean that you have to exclusively work at your home. According to Erik Devaney, a contributor to HubSpot.com, getting out of the house and working from a coffee shop or the library can be a nice change of pace at times. So when you’re trying to find the right area to settle down, make sure you look in the surrounding area for close city amenities that you could take advantage of.

If you’re wanting to find the perfect home or city to blog from home in, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you uncover the right area for you.

Hanna Kreuk