Using Your Blog to Build Stronger Local Communities

Bloggers can quickly get swept up in the ocean of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. These platforms give us the potential to connect with thousands of potential readers. But are we really paying attention to the audiences that matter? When was the last time you made a concerted effort to connect with your local audiences, the individuals and businesses in your hometown or city? Chances are, you have valuable content to offer local readers. In fact, these audiences can become some of your strongest advocates online. Take a look at how to build stronger audience relationships by incorporating you local community.

Be Aware of Events

Not sure where to start your local blog adventures? Grab a copy of your weekly event classifieds, visit community spaces like libraries, and reach out to local colleges to learn about cultural events. Chances are, you’ll find an event that would be appropriate to feature on your blog. Most bloggers are motivated by their interests, so try to find events that you feel personally invested in. Interview attendees to get interesting angles and stories. Once you publish an article about the event, share the link with the event organizers.

Represent Your Blog

Have you made business cards for your blog? Even if blogging is just a hobby, you should start thinking about it like a business. Your perspective is valuable, and local companies have a reason to be interested in what you write. Take business cards with you to community events and network with local organizations of interest. When you find businesses aims and interests like your own, consider exchange guest blog posts. Soon, you’ll be recognized as a discussion starter within your community.

Ask Questions

After local viewers start reading your blog, you can build audience loyalty by encouraging comments. One of the fastest ways to increase comments is to ask questions that are relevant to both you and your readers. For example, you might be searching for Washington Square West properties, but you may want to learn more about the local culture and businesses. Ask your readers if they can share their expertise. Readers, especially those who have already interacted with you in person, are likely to contribute to the conversation.

Share Wisely

Whenever you cover local news or events, think about whom your blog posts affect the most. You might be posting about an upcoming book fair, but not reaching the appropriate audiences. Sharing your posts with the right people can significantly increase your blog’s exposure and traffic. Make a list of people and organizations that will be interested in your book fair coverage, including local libraries, college students, and community organizers. Direct your Tweets and posts toward key demographics, use localization apps, and watch your traffic pick up.

Sometimes you need to think local to build a solid audience foundation. Local audiences provide you with word-of-mouth opportunities that aren’t always possible with your blog readers. Stay attuned to your local news and events. Blogs have the potential to make communities stronger.

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