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HARRY HERBS sells over 1,000 times in the first few days on Kickstarter and is becoming one of the most bought planting solutions on the platform.

Austria, October 2022

After many hours of product development, the next local produced Urban Gardening product of the young Austrian company Gusta Garden is ready to go: HARRY HERBS, the ultimate herbs planter with 4 growing options indoor & outdoor, year round.



After two successful Kickstarter campaigns with the potato tower PAUL POTATO and the strawberry tree SISSI STRAWBERRY, Gusta Garden decided to start a new Kickstarter campaign with the herb planter HARRY HERBS. This way, customers all over the world get the chance to preorder the new multifunctional product.

On 27th of September the current Kickstarter campaign had a marvelous start by reaching the funding goal in less than 2 hours. By the 5thth of October 2022 the shortly launched Kickstarter campaign is counting more than 60k in funding, 450 supporters and 1000+ preordered products.

Gusta Garden ongoing focuses on regionality and sustainability. That’s why they only design and produce products from 100% recyclable materials, produced in the EU.

With HARRY HERBS, the young Austrian company is expanding its portfolio of innovative and space-saving planters besides PAUL POTATO, SISSI STRAWBERRY, TOM TOMATO, CHARLY CHILI and SAMMY SALAD.

HARRY HERBS is a so-called all-rounder. With soil or soilless, raising seeds, growing microgreens or typical herbs from the supermarket: the clever herbs garden with integrated water reservoir and nursery lid gets everyone ‘s wishes fulfilled. Additionally, HARRY HERBS can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

Gusta Garden co-founder and CEO Dipl. Ing. Fabian Pirker “HARRY HERBS suits perfectly for growing year-round and can be used from anybody – kids and adults. HARRY combines everything when it comes to growing. From raising seeds, to growing microgreens, different herbs as well as hydroponic lettuces – anything is possible.”

Co-founder and product designer Lukas Bürger, MA adds “Besides versatile growing options there are also different options for HARRY HERBS location. It can just be placed on the table in the kitchen, on the windowsill or in the living room. Additionally, with the different mounting sets HARRY HERBS can be hung on any wall – like a picture or you can also hang it on your balcony railing easily.”

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The HARRY HERBS Kickstarter campaign with a duration of 38 days was started on 27th of September 2022 as a part of the Gusta Garden Event in Feldkirchen, Carinthia, Austria. Besides the start of the new Kickstarter campaign Gusta Garden had another to celebrate that day: the 5 years company anniversary.

Among local catering, a DJ and great atmosphere of about 100 guests the funding goal of 10.000€ was reached in under 2 hours.

Co-founder and strategist Mag. David Dietrich “During the first 24 hours after launching we already sold more than 500 HARRY HERBS. The feedback of the guys is fantastic. Whether with green thumb or without, everybody should gain this multifunctional and clever baby for his/her home.”

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform to help bring creative projects to life. To fund projects people can back Kickstarter projects and are offered tangible rewards or experiences in exchange for their pledges. The payment method will only be charged as soon as the campaign expired, and the funding goal is reached.

HARRY HERBS  (RRP 49,90€) can be preordered right away for an Early Bird Price on the Kickstarter platform (Link). The expected date of delivery is January 2023.

Please find Pics, GIFS, Videos and more information HERE.

Contact Details:
Melissa Pöcher
Gusta Garden GmbH

+43 676 60 36 200



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