Avoiding the Dead End Blog

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Starting a blog can be both exciting and intimidating. It is a lot like designing a business card and then not being certain what to do with the business card once the box of cards has been delivered to your home or office. Even experienced bloggers run into serious problems with trying to maintain their blog. This often occurs when they start to run out of things to write about. For some bloggers, this can happen in the matter of a week or even after a couple of months. Just when they are starting to get a steady readership, the well runs dry, and the last thing they want is to leave their regular readers hanging. Some bloggers try again and again to overcome the problem of the dead end blogging process, but cannot seem to figure out how to move beyond this particular rut. Each time they fail to produce new content to keep their blog alive, they are forced to watch their readership dwindle to nothing before their very eyes.

Overcoming The Problem of the Dead End Blog

There are a couple of ways a person can avoid the problem of generating a dead end blog. One way to ensure that they will never run out of content is to pick a topic to blog on that is always making the news or is always being updated on a regular basis. For example, the topic of politics will always provide a regular blogger with something new popping up in the news to blog about. There is never a shortage of current events in the political arena. This makes it relatively easy to always have new material to draw from, where topics that are highly specialized, may leave a blogger with little to write about after a relatively short time. Unfortunately, a lot of first time bloggers choose a topic they know enough about to plow ahead for a limited time, rather than a topic that is always changing and expanding. More often than not, this spells disaster for their short lived blog.

Considering Alternatives

Another way to keep a blog alive and kicking is to dare to challenge one’s self as a blogger to blog from the perspective of others who do not hold the author of the blog’s personal views or opinions on a subject. Not only does this leave the author of a blog with more material to work with, but it shows the readers of the blog that the one blogging is dynamic in their approach to the topic they are blogging about, rather than being so one dimensional in their blogging practices

Guests and Experts

Another way to preserve one’s stamina as a blogger and stay on topic for the long hall is to invite guests and experts to contribute material to their blog. By frequently allowing others to guest blog on a blog site, the original author of the blog can get a breather now and then. This break time should be used to step back and assess which direction they should take their blog in, preparing ahead to ensure that there is enough material to fall back on, helping themselves to be ready to weather any unforeseen dry spells headed their way.

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