Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes In Real Estate

The Internet has become the new meeting place for savvy Realtors. From websites to social media accounts, it’s become a fairly easy matter to locate a qualified professional for a home-buying or selling situation.

Blogging, or online journaling, offers Realtors a way to communicate with hundreds, even thousands, of existing and potential customers. From home-buying tips to decorating ideas, there’s room for all kinds of information.

However, it’s also too easy to offend some readers, which reduces your blog’s effectiveness for cultivating future clientele. Try to avoid these common blogging mistakes and keep your real estate business flowing.

Forgetting to include images


Don’t let a real estate blog turn into a wall of text. Although readers want pertinent information, they also want to see property pictures.

Place some photos on the page, but don’t overwhelm the text. Too much data will slow your blog’s download times. To make more pictures available to clients that are interested without slowing down your site, link a picture website such as Pinterest to your blog.

Users can use that link to see as many images as they like for one or more properties. Pictures play a huge role, and drive real estate sales every day.

Boring the reader


Real estate blogs are soon left behind if they bore the reader. You should avoid blogging about sales all the time.

Keep the information fresh with homeownership tips. Blog about patio gardening or garbage disposal care tips.

This information can be useful and interesting, and if the Realtor is passionate about property care, that impresses clients. Readers may visit more often if you supply such tips, and gives you a platform to slide in occasional commentaries about new properties up for sale.

Clients know that Realtors are in the business to sell, but you don’t need to overwhelm them with a sales pitch every day.


Lacking resourcefulness


According to Zilbert.com it’s possible to add a live feed for new properties listed on MLS in real time. Realtors may regard their blog as just a diary, but a resourceful blog can get people to come back to the site on a regular basis.

For example, they might look for the MLS live feed, but stumble upon a blog about their desired neighborhood’s amenities. They’ll read the blog and check the live feed, and possibly contact you about buying opportunities.

Staying resourceful and noteworthy is a strategy for lucrative sales.

Overlooking the community effect


Engage blog readers rather than speaking at them. Consider adding in comments or “likes” to the page to generate conversation.

You can even add invitations to upcoming real estate events, such as open houses, to create a bond with clients. Although not every client interaction is a sale, don’t overlook the value of community and personal trust.

When clients are ready to start hunting for a home, they’ll think of their trusted blogging Realtor to help them out. Relationship building is critical to real estate businesses everywhere.

Read over each of your blog posts before uploading to make sure the content is appropriate. A second look can make a huge difference and save you from possible embarrassment.

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