5 Latest Rakhi Designs To Begin Rakhi Wholesale With


Raksha Bandhan is quickly approaching, which means you must select from a variety of rakhis available in the market, but where should you begin?

Prior to the Rakhsha Bandhan festival, retailers and dealers must prepare. If this Raksha Bandhan you are looking for latest rakhi designs to invest in your venture then Shree Rakhi is here to put you through.

Shree Rakhi is the name you should know when it comes to trendy designs of rakhis that provide excellent value for money.

They are a one-stop shop for ordering designer rakhis online, and you can browse and view the most recent rakhi design photos.

Designing a Rakhi takes more than one day. It entails many aspects, and there is an established pattern that designers can use to create any new design. Shree Rakhi has already produced an extensive range of 10,000+ designs, providing you with the luxury of choice.

If you’re wondering which latest rakhi designs will give you the best returns, then keep reading. Let’s take a look at some of Shree Rakhi’s trendy and latest rakhi designs.

Latest Rakhi Designs Hub

Shree Rakhi is a renowned rakhi manufacturer based in Kolkata and is a leading wholesaler across India.

Their collection of trending and simple rakhi designs are not only affordable but also of high quality, making them an ideal choice for those looking to invest in rakhis.

As an online store, Shree Rakhi provides a comprehensive range of rakhi solutions, earning a reputation for delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

Ordering from them is hassle-free, whether through their website by filling out a form or via WhatsApp by browsing their catalog and chatting directly with their support team.

Video and phone calls are also available for customers who prefer more personalized assistance.

Shree Rakhi’s success as an industry leader is due to their commitment to innovation and quality, evident in their unique and customized products that cater to the buyer’s specific needs.

With their reliable services and exceptional products, Shree Rakhi is the perfect choice for all your rakhi needs.

The Traditional Rakhi

When it comes to different rakhi-making ideas, the first name that comes to mind in any wholesale rakhi market is Shree Rakhi.

Certain traditional elements are required for the various customs that are followed in any festival in India. There is always a need for traditional rakhis in the ritualistic and traditional celebration of Raksha Bandhan.

Shree Rakhi teaches you about the latest and trending rakhis that are in style this year and are designed to increase your sales.

Moli rakhi takes first place in the traditional rakhi competition. According to Hindu rituals, moli is one of the sacred threads, and the rakhi is made using these sacred threads of red and yellow, and it is one such rakhi that you should invest in this year.

You should definitely get the Dori Rakhi for your good sales from the list of traditional rakhis. This is a one-of-a-kind and simple rakhi design that Shree Rakhi has mastered.

Other traditional rakhis from Shree Rakhi that you should definitely choose for your business are Kesar, Evergreen Dori, Priyam Dori, and Pareneeta. All of these rakhis can be found on our official website, or you can contact us directly.

The Auspicious Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is the most anticipated festival among India’s sisters. Sisters use various auspicious rakhis for their brothers. These rakhis represent protection and prosperity for their brothers.

Among the various auspicious rakhis offered by Shree Rakhi is the Rudraksh range. These latest rakhi designs are also sophisticated designs made of the rudraksha bead and are thought to have Lord Shiva’s blessings and protection.

Shree Rakhis Om Rakhi is another auspicious rakhi worth investing in. In Hindu culture, the OM symbol has both spiritual and mythological meanings.

The Lotus Temple Rakhi is a symbol of peace and prosperity for those who wear it, imbuing it with an auspicious significance. In contrast, the Evil Eye Rakhi features beads with the evil eye motif, which is believed to protect the wearer from misfortune and negative energies.

Fancy rakhi

Rakhi sets are one of the fancy rakhi designs that are both attractive and simple. As a dealer or retailer, you should be aware that various rakhi sets are extremely popular among consumers.

Shree Rakhi offers the following rakhi sets: Lumba Rakhi, Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi, Zardousi Lumba Rakhi, Moti Set, and Pendant Set.

Lumba Rakhis are a popular rakhi among our country’s Rajasthani and Marwari cultures. Because these rakhis are worn by the family’s sisters-in-law, they are made with beautiful designs and colourful threads.

They are one of the latest rakhi designs with an emphasis on cultural value, with their beautiful tassels and beads made with intricate designs using stones.

The Moti Set and the Pendent Set are two other recent rakhi design photos in our WhatsApp catalogue. These designer rakhis are available online in rakhi and Lumba sets.

Kids Rakhi

When it comes to trendy and latest rakhi designs which are captivating as well as fancy you should always opt for investing in kid’s rakhi.

Parents often prefer to purchase the best stuff for their children, which is why rakhis made specifically for kids are highly sought after.

Other latest rakhi design photos available on our official website include Quirky Pendant Rakhis, and several designs that are popular and sure to increase sales.

Jewelry rakhi

The jewellery/stone rakhi is the final type of rakhi that you should look for this rakhi. For various rakhi in the market rakhis based on jewellery or stone have a high rate of selling well.

Shree Rakhi has a stunning collection of rakhi designs that feature stones, which symbolize the unique bond shared between brothers and sisters. Their jewellery category offers an array of beautiful rakhi designs, including the Silver Stone Rakhi and the American Diamond Rakhi.

However, if you’re looking for a rakhi that is both eye-catching and profitable, then the Diamond Rakhi is an excellent choice.

Not only does the Diamond Rakhi make for a visually striking piece of jewellery, but it is also a valuable investment due to the enduring appeal of diamonds.

As a result, it is bound to bring you good profit in the long run. So, if you’re looking for a rakhi that is both aesthetically pleasing and a smart investment, the Diamond Rakhi from Shree Rakhi is an excellent option to consider.


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