3 Ways A Blog Can Help Your Real Estate Career

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If somebody thinks being a realtor is just about selling houses and property, they’re wrong. Realtors might as well be celebrities. Well, at least the most successful ones practically are. In all honesty, actually selling the house is the easy part of the job. What comes as a challenge is often developing the people skills, having a knack for bringing out the positive in everything, knowing the market and trends, and building up your celebrity status in your general area so that people come to you whenever they seek to buy something.

If you’re unsure what you can be doing to build up your visibility in the real estate market so that people will actually come to you when they want to buy real estate, consider starting up a blog. Sounds random, right? Well, here are 3 ways a blog can help your real estate career:

It Draws Traffic To Your Site

No matter what business you’re in, marketing is a huge factor in how well you do. The world has gone mostly online in business, so even if you’re selling real estate, you have to be working your angles online. A blog gives you a huge advantage. What you can be doing is writing about everything you’re doing.

Give advice, talk about different houses you’ve seen and things you’ve experienced…talk about anything and everything to build up your name. Always link your blog back to your site, it’s even more helpful if your blog is directly on your website. The more traffic you draw in, the more likely you’ll be in to land a new client.

You Can Profile Your Properties

When people look for houses, their realtor is responsible for coming up with properties. If you’re working with other clients and you just happen to be selling their house as well, if you use your blog to write about the property and what’s great about it, and you post pictures to the blog, you’re going to have a great tool to show your properties to potential buyers. A blog isn’t just about writing about how you feel about things, it’s an underutilized tool for business growth.

You Build A Name For Yourself

As was stated before, a realtor needs to be a celebrity of sorts in their hometown. When you build up a name for yourself and people know who you are, you’ll start to get more properties and selling properties will be easier for you. The more local properties you get, the bigger your name grows and people out of state might hear about you and seek to use you as their realtor. You might find you get into international territory, and that’s cool because there’s good money in land.