Setting Up an Efficient Blogging Workspace

people sitting in front of computer monitors

As a blogger, you know that you have to figure out how to prioritize your time and space in a way that allows you to write, edit, and publish in the most efficient way possible. To do this, you need an efficient blogging workspace. It may take some experimentation to figure out precisely what variables you need set up in which way, but once you do, you’ll be a writing machine!

As you try a few different things to get your workspace set up, you should regularly return to the basics in the framework of your area. You have to pay specific attention to your desk, your keyboard, and the flow of energy around your workstation. If you balance out those three concepts, you should have no problem getting in the zone whenever you’re ready, and that means you can translate what’s in your mind into something presentable via your computer in no time at all. If any part of your environment is not ideal, that is going to affect the quality of your work.

Your Desk

At the center of your blogging experience is going to be your desk. Efficiency means different things to different people regarding this desk setup, but the important thing is that you define your optimum way of working. For some people, it’s buying a desk that goes from sitting to standing options. For other people, they want the most spacious area that they can to put all of their materials on. Other people prefer to be seated at some table or desk area that seems luxurious and inviting. It is a matter of personal preference, but don’t ignore the importance of this central piece of furniture.

Your Keyboard

Next, you have to have efficient accessories that hook into your central blogging area brain. More specifically, if you’re doing a lot of typing as a blogger, you have to have an ergonomic keyboard. Your hands and your fingers are your moneymakers. You have to take special care of them. Most default keyboards that come with computer systems or laptops are not designed for heavy use. Professional bloggers will often get sore elbows, wrists, shoulders, and necks because of where the keyboard is set up. To avoid this and other repetitive injuries that can lead to carpal tunnel, find your perfect ergonomic keyboard and stick with it.

Feng Shui

The flow of energy around your central blogging area is critical. Because of this, consider looking into feng shui principles and seeing if you can follow any of them at your primary workstation. By adjusting some directional aspects, some colors and textures, and even the way that you’re facing, you’d be surprised at how much more efficient your overall writing experience convey.

Hanna Kreuk